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IPL 2024 Points Table

1 CSK22001.9794WW
2 KKR22001.0474WW
3 RR22000.8004WW
4 SRH21100.6752WL
5 PBKS21100.0252LW
6 RCB3110-0.7112WLL
7 GT2110-1.4252LW
8 DC2020-0.5280LL
9 MI2020-0.9250LL
10 LSG1010-1.0000L

Top Run Scorers (Orange Cap Race)

Virat KohliRCB318190.50

Heinrich Klaasen
Riyan ParagRR2127127.00
Abhishek Sharma

Top Wicket Takers (Purple Cap Race)


Mustafizur Rahman
CSK26 9.83
Harshith Rana
KKR24 13.40

IPL Predictions

Our comprehensive IPL 2023 match predictions cover all aspects of each team as they prepare to face off. Take your time to peruse the extensive data we provide for each IPL 2023 match to make more informed predictions.

Throughout 2023, our team of experts has diligently analyzed each team, considering their form, historical matchups, pitch conditions, and key players. Additionally, we continually monitor online sportsbooks to find the most favorable odds and lines for each IPL 2023 match. Once you’ve selected your best bet options, you’re just a click away from accessing the best betting sites.

IPL Betting

Whether you’re seeking tips for today’s IPL 2023 match, a general prediction on potential winners, or looking to place a bet on your favorite team, iplprediction is your ultimate destination.

IPL 2023 Overview

The Indian Premier League stands as India’s premier T20 cricket league and ranks among the most prestigious cricket competitions worldwide. In an effort to maintain its status as the premier T20 tournament, the BCCI introduced the Impact Player rule, allowing teams to name four substitute players for a match, in addition to their Starting XI. Furthermore, teams can utilize DRS to review wides and no-balls, as seen in the Women’s Premier League (WPL).

During the IPL 2023 season, sports betting sites are replete with a wide array of markets, offering opportunities to place wagers on player props, outright winners, and more. Success in betting hinges on knowing when, where, and how to place bets, leveraging various markets and favorable odds.

Our cricket experts don’t just watch matches; they also stay attuned to critical league-wide news and trends that could influence betting decisions.

Keep returning to iplprediction throughout the IPL 2023 season for predictions on every match, along with exclusive analysis. Our reports provide a comprehensive view, including match details, previews, pitch reports, expected starting line-ups, key players, and likely winners. Our reports empower you to build your cricket knowledge and predict the outcomes of the entire IPL 2023 season.

If you’re looking for cricket betting tips from experts, iplprediction offers years of experience in match analysis and an array of tips to share directly with you. Learn more about our tips below.

Today’s IPL 2024 News

Staying abreast of news surrounding the 2023 Indian Premier League is crucial for making well-informed bets. From new player signings to rumors about team dynamics and injury reports, iplprediction is your primary source for breaking news.

We guarantee that by following the latest IPL 2023 news on iplprediction, you’ll always be up-to-date with events that could impact team performances. Our information is sourced from reliable outlets, and we pride ourselves on covering all stories relevant to the IPL.

Even if you’re not primarily focused on betting, our news section keeps you informed about the league’s happenings. True IPL enthusiasts can enjoy exclusive player interviews, announcements, and comprehensive match reports.

The IPL 2023 is just one facet of our news section. After the season concludes and players take their breaks, iplprediction continues to bring you the latest developments from the world of cricket. With so much occurring before and after the IPL season, our expert team diligently tracks IPL 2023-related stories and shares them promptly.

We understand the time-sensitive nature of news reporting, especially when it can influence IPL 2023 betting decisions. Outdated information can render your bets less effective, so we strive to provide timely reports as soon as we learn of significant developments that could impact the next IPL match.

To stay current with team reports, simply refresh our news pages for the latest updates. We publish multiple news reports daily, even those that might not be as widely covered elsewhere, allowing you to delve deeper into the IPL than on other platforms.

Today’s IPL Match Predictions

Our website attracts thousands of cricket enthusiasts daily, many of whom are eager to bet on match outcomes. What sets iplprediction apart is our accuracy in making IPL predictions. Our analysts are not only cricket fans but also experts who meticulously study advanced data, historical matchups, news reports, and various factors that can contribute to successful betting.

All our prediction reports encompass several segments, including match details, previews, pitch assessments, weather conditions, expected starting XIs, key players, and likely winners. Additionally, each prediction page features links to sportsbooks offering the best IPL odds.

Today’s IPL Match Details

Under the match details section, you’ll find information about which two teams are competing, the date and time (including the time zone), and the stadium hosting the match.

Many sportsbooks accept pre-match bets minutes before a game begins. Even if you’re late to place a pre-match bet, sportsbooks offering live betting options allow you to wager on the match as it unfolds.

IPL Champion List 2008 – 2023

2008: RR won the first final

2009: DCH won this edition by 6 runs against RCB.

2010: CSK won by 22 runs against MI.

2011: CSK won by 58 runs against RCB.

2012: KKR won by 5 wickets against CSK.

2013: MI won by 23 runs against CSK.

2014: KKR won by 3 wickets against KXIP.

2015: MI won by 41 runs against CSK.

2016: SRH won by 8 runs against RCB.

2017: MI won by 1 run against RPS.

2018: CSK won by 8 wickets against SRH.

2019: MI Won by 1 Run against CSK.

2020: MI won by 5 wickets against DC.

2021: CSK won by 27 runs against KKR.

2022: GT won by 7 wickets against RR.

2023: CSK won by 5 wickets against GT.


The preview section is the most extensive part of our match prediction reports and holds significant importance. It acquaints you with each team and the implications of their upcoming match. We delve into how each team has performed in previous matches leading up to the next encounter and review their previous head-to-head meetings.

By analyzing this historical information, you can make more informed predictions about the match’s outcome. We go beyond the surface and explore specific game details. For instance, while the Mumbai Indians may have lost their last match against the Delhi Capitals, the absence of key players and the result’s impact on their standings should be considered.

Pitch Report

In cricket, the pitch can significantly influence a team’s chances of winning, and we don’t underestimate its importance. Surfaces can favor one team or the other, depending on various factors. Hard pitches, for example, benefit spinners, while flat pitches favor batsmen. The condition of the pitch can also indicate whether the match is likely to result in a high or low score, assisting you in making the right bets on over/under markets.

Home teams often tailor pitches to suit their style of play, and home-field advantage plays a pivotal role in the IPL. However, top teams have adapted their strategies when playing away matches.

Weather Conditions

Weather is a substantial factor in IPL matches and cricket in general. The moisture in the grass and air humidity can affect how the ball behaves, ultimately influencing the match’s outcome. Specific teams may benefit from particular weather conditions, while others may be at a disadvantage.

Our IPL predictions take into account meteorological factors, utilizing accurate weather data to determine the expected conditions on match day.

Potential XIs and Key Players

An essential aspect when predicting IPL 2023 match outcomes is analyzing the chosen squad. The eleven players fielded by each team will ultimately determine the winner, making it crucial to assess which players are most likely to start the match.

This involves some speculation, as teams may alter their line-ups shortly before the match. We always consider injury reports and coaches’ decisions, ensuring that the 22 players we list are likely to participate in the game. Additionally, we provide brief profiles of key players on each squad, highlighting recent statistics, form, and availability status.

Probable Winners

Many visitors come to iplprediction for straightforward moneyline betting.

Explore the IPL Scoreboard

Iplprediction for comprehensive match reports following every IPL 2023 match. Our scoreboard provides a detailed breakdown, including run totals, overs bowled, and wickets lost for each team. Additionally, we offer in-depth statistics for every player, details on wicket falls, and match notes.

We maintain an extensive archive of scores dating back several seasons, allowing you to revisit past matchups and refresh your memory on how the last encounter between two teams unfolded. Our scoreboards are published mere minutes after each match concludes, and we proudly guarantee the accuracy of every statistic and figure.

Our team of experts incorporates these scoreboards into their analyses when making future predictions. This transparency ensures that you can clearly trace the origins of the information used in our predictions.