According to a study, the T20 World Cup could be moved to the UAE after the IPL is postponed : IPL TOSS LOAD

The BCCI has decided to move this year’s T20 World Cup from India to the UAE, citing the fact that none of the competing teams will be “comfortable” in India. Though a final decision will be made in a month, it is known that the Indian cricket board is wary of hosting the 16-team tournament in October-November after the ongoing IPL was halted due to several COVID-19 cases within the bio-bubble. BCCI officials have recently met with some of the top decision-makers in the central government, according to PTI, and a move to the UAE has been more or less decided upon. The blockbuster competition’s dates, which were spread out over nine venues , are now available.

“The IPL’s suspension in four weeks is an indication that it’s not very safe to host a global event of that scale at a time when the country is dealing with its worst health problem in 70 years,” a senior BCCI source familiar with the situation said on condition of anonymity.

The desperate situation in India, where over 3 lakh new cases are added daily and have been for many days, has rattled most member boards, and the ICC is unlikely to endanger the safety of international cricket teams.

“You can be confident that most of the world’s top nations will not want to visit India in the next six months unless the situation improves. If they are in the midst of another boom, the players and their families will be very hesitant to move. As a result, the BCCI is expected to commit to the tournament’s relocation to the UAE “Another source chimed in as well.

He said that the IPL’s suspension after a series of promising cases has made officials wary of taking any further chances.

“The IPL in India served as a forum to demonstrate to the rest of the world, as well as the participating nations, that it is secure to host a tournament even as the second wave approaches its apex.

“Things were going fine, but the bio bubble has started to leak.” What makes you think that won’t happen again in October or November? “Travel advisories are almost likely to be in effect in countries like Australia, England, and New Zealand,” he argued.

One of the main advantages of holding the tournament in the UAE is that it can be limited to only three venues: Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, with no need for air travel.

“Look, six venues for the IPL was always a risky proposition, particularly after they only managed three during the previous edition,” the source said.

“They were all in one bubble from start to finish in the UAE, but each team had to fly to three bubbles here.” After bubble ride, the majority of the promising cases appeared.

“As a result, even though the number of venues is reduced from 9 to 5 in October, air travel will still be required, unlike in the UAE. Also, unless the condition dramatically changes, players will not be in a mental state to play in India “Added he.

The ICC will meet in June to make a final decision, but keeping the tournament in India after the cancellation of the IPL seems unlikely at this stage.

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