Three games, three crushing defeats for England. The Ashes 2021-22 are over, with Australia holding a commanding 3-0 lead after three matches. The agony of losing to India at home just over a year ago has been replaced by Ashes victory, and Pat Cummins has become Australia’s new poster boy.

Things can change rapidly, but for the time being, Australia has all the momentum, and England is staring down the gun. The chances on an England triumph are simply outrageous on all of the cricket betting companies. To add to the drama, Sydney is expected to receive a lot of rain this week, making a draw a distinct possibility.

Let’s take a deeper look at the betting markets for the third Ashes Test and see if we can discover any value.

Australia versus England 3rd Ashes Test 2021-22 match prediction and cricket betting recommendations. Starting on the 5th of January 2022, the match will be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney.


As a result of the COVID outbreak, Australia will be without Travis Head for this match. That will almost certainly necessitate at least one lineup adjustment. It will be intriguing to see if Hazelwood returns to the team or if the selectors stay with Scott Bolan, who was named man of the match in his first test.

Australia’s bowling has been significantly superior to England’s, and who they select in the final eleven may not matter. Pat Cummins appears to be the bowler that consistently scoops up huge wickets, while Starc has the most wickets thus far.

Nathan Lyon has also been in excellent form, with 12 wickets to his credit. With the Sydney wickets expected to aid spinners, the odds on him being Australia’s top bowler are a little short.

However, we must consider the possibility of rain, which would prevent the wicket from deteriorating as drastically. For this match, we believe it is best to stick with one of Pat Cummins or Mitchell Starc as the top bowler.

David Warner and Steve Smith are the two most obvious batsmen to back in this match. Both have a strong track record in Sydney, where they nearly always appear to score runs. David Warner has 240 runs to his credit, including two 90-plus innings. We believe he is a decent bet to get a fifty-plus score or maybe be Australia’s top batsman in this match.

Also, while Steve Smith has been struggling for runs, are you really willing to back him in this match? Look for Over/Under wagers on Steve Smith’s Total Runs and wager on the ‘Over.’


England’s Test cricket performance in 2021 was dismal, and the team will be trying to improve in the coming year. It is a difficult assignment, and we do not believe England will be able to complete it. The issues are systemic, and there is no simple solution.

The only two batters who have put up a fight have been Joe Root and Dawid Malan. They have the most runs, are the only two players who have scored a fifty-plus score in the Ashes 2021-22, and are the only two who have put up a serious fight.

Neither of them, though, has been able to reach double figures thus far.

At this point, it’s just smarter to bet against England’s batting lineup whenever possible. Look for Over/Under markets on their batsmen and go with the ‘Under.’ You can also wager on no one on the squad to hit a home run in the inning.

The bowling of England had a few positive moments in the last match, but overall, the bowlers have struggled in Australia.

The most wickets are held by Ollie Robinson, while the most effective bowler is James Anderson, who has seven wickets in just three innings. He’s an easy choice for Top Bowler England betting markets, and we recommend you should think about it.

Given the challenging conditions in Sydney for medium pacers, the chances on Mark Wood, the only genuine fast bowler in the roster, may be worth considering.


The weather prognosis for this match isn’t looking good, and we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of stoppages. Rain is expected to fall heavily on the first three days of the Test, as well as on the final two days of the match.

The playing surface in Sydney is normally flat, rough, and turns as the match progresses. However, there’s a chance we won’t have enough time this time to see the changes in the surface.

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