• TournamentWomens Asia Cup 2022
  • DateOct 11, 2022
  • FormatT20
  • VenueSylhet International Cricket Stadium, Sylhet, Bangladesh
  • Time03:00


The Women’s Asia Cup is down to its last few days, and at this point, one outcome might be the difference between making it to the semifinals or not. Both Bangladeshi and Thai women are on the verge of qualifying from this point. Bangladesh Women still have one match to play, however it will be of utmost significance since Thailand Women’s season is over.

Bangladesh Women’s next encounter vs UAE Women in the tournament will be crucial to the outcome of the overall rankings. Bangladesh Women will go to the semifinals with a victory, while Thailand Women will celebrate with a defeat. Due to this, the game is significant within the framework of the competition, and both teams are anticipated to play aggressively. The game between the two teams will take place at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium on October 11, 2022.



Bangladesh Women have been playing cricket internationally for a while, but they haven’t really managed to make a name for themselves. They have had trouble winning games, but they’re still trying to win. They have a chance to go to the Women’s Asia Cup semifinals here, but they’ll need to win their lone remaining match in order to do it. They’ve done a good job thus far of keeping them in the running, and they still have a reasonably simple task to do.

Bangladesh Women are presently ranked fifth on the points table with two victories out of a total of five games. The good news is that if they can win this game, they will benefit from having a net run rate that is at least better than Thailand Women’s.

In this high-stakes game, Bangladesh Women would need to make use of all of their existing expertise, which is abundant on paper. It’s time for their batsmen and bowlers to get their act together since they haven’t exactly been at their best in the tournament so far. It may be quite challenging to go past them if they are able to play to their full capacity in this situation given their talent and expertise.


United Arab Emirates has been plodding along in the women’s game of cricket while steadily gaining ground in the men’s game. Given how long they have been playing the game, one would anticipate them to place far higher in both the competition and the overall ICC rankings.

United Arab Emirates Women are presently ranked seventh overall on the points table and have only won one game so far. Due in large part to their dismal net run rate of – 2.181, they are no longer in contention to advance to the next round and a victory here will not have any impact on their rankings.

Even though they have a talented side, their lack of experience has hurt them. One of the factors contributing to their current situation is their inability to capitalise on opportunities that presented themselves. They will have to play at the top of their game since this is a challenging encounter for them. They definitely possess the necessary skill, and Bangladesh Women will have their job cut out for them if they play aggressively here.


Despite the fact that one side views this as little more than a dead-rubber, this game is crucial to the tournament. Bangladesh Women have everything to gain by winning this match, which would advance them to the next round. The UAE Women, on the other hand, will compete just for pride. A wager on Bangladesh Women should be the best course of action in this situation given how the competition has played out so far and the two teams’ respective records.


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