Best cricbuzz prediciton: Malan credits BPL for improving spin game

England batsman David Malan admitted that representing different teams in the Bangladesh Premier League and Dhaka Premier League helped him improve his game against spins, learning about playing in different conditions.

“I’m thinking [about how playing in the BPL has helped him counter spin],” he said. “The more I play on the subcontinent, the better it gets. The more skills I learn… I’m always trying hard to learn. For those situations, you can find quality spinners.

“Here a lot of T20 cricket is thrown in spins, but in other tournaments there are probably only one or two spinners per team. So you have to learn to play attacking games and I think there are also conservative games as they can be low scoring wickets. And if it’s a high score game, you need a game to attack. I think I’m learning different ways to play spins,” he added.

Malan is a veteran player in the Bangladesh Nationals his circuit and has played for several BPL franchises (Barisal He Bulls, Comilla Warriors, Khulna His Titans). He will play for the Comilla Victorians in this competition.

When he first started playing in his BPL, he had already played in Dhaka’s Premier League in his 2013/14 season. “(BPL) is one of the first tournaments that I participated in. It gave me a stepping stone and helped me learn cricket. Not only BPL, but also DPL, these tournaments helped me improve my game. Every time I have an opportunity to compete, to Bangladesh, I try to seize this opportunity.

“I think there will always be different challenges for each country. Different conditions, different pitches, different styles of play. Here in Chittagong we are playing with the best wickets we have ever played. I really don’t know what I’m getting when I play for Mirpur. You have to learn to adapt. “But I think the quality of the overseas players that are usually here and the quality of the local players is a very good standard.”

Malan, who plays for Sharjah his Warriors in the International League T20, is set to leave Dhaka after his second match for the Victorians as the ILT20 is set to start on his January 13th. The veteran cricketer is expected to return to his stage of tournament eliminators if Victoria gets there.

Malan’s decision not to play the entire duration of the BPL also revealed the fact that the tournament struggled to compete with other leagues in terms of attracting foreign players.

“I remember coming here first and playing in the same team against Andre Russell, Shahid Afridi, Sunil Narin and Pollard. It was phenomenal. It was like an IPL team. The standard and quality of overseas players has always been here, but it’s about getting players here along with all the other leagues. I think the challenge now for the board and owners of Bangladesh is to find a way to get the best players here. ”

He also noted that setting good wickets could attract better players to join the BPL. “The conditions here are tough at times and that makes it really difficult to score.

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