Best cricbuzz prediction: “He’s predictable. He didn’t roll a yorker or a slow one…”: Former Pakistan captain defeats Umran Malik

Umran Malik allowed 48 runs in four overs but took three wickets in his second T20I against Sri Lanka.

Team his Indian star Umran Malik played a bittersweet match against Sri Lanka on Thursday in his T20I, his second in the series. The Speedsters picked off three wickets in four overs but conceded 48 runs as the Pune visitors scored a mammoth of 206/6. India eventually lost the match by 16 runs, but after the match Umran’s firing was praised by former cricketers, mainly for his quick pace.

His two of his three ejections were 147 km/h and he was bowled at 140 km/h. But former Pakistani captain Salman Bhatt believes Umran needs to add diversity to his arsenal if he is to succeed in international cricket. On using the speedster in the second game of the series, Butt said Umran was inexperienced and predictable as a young pacer.

“You get better with experience. The problem was that Racket was more experienced and smarter and used Umran’s pace very well. Umran was very predictable and didn’t throw yorkers or slow stuff,” Batt said.

“He saw a hitter make room for himself. He could roll the Yorkers out the stumps…he didn’t either. So experience matters.” And just sitting outside doesn’t give you any experience. you have to let him play. Because he takes the wicket and wins the match from a critical situation. ”

India is building a new squad with youngsters such as Shivam Mavi, Umran Malik, Shubman Gir and Rahul Tripathi.

“Hopefully, give them a chance and just support them. I think we have to put up with a lot of these young kids. Looking at this team, we see a lot of young players playing, especially good at bowling offense. ”

“We all have to be patient with them and understand that matches like this can happen.”

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