Best cricbuzz prediction: Nurul who was worried that the broken finger did not heal even after surgery

Bangladesh wicket keeper Nurul Hasan is worried about the future of cricket as it is uncertain when his index finger, once fractured, will fully heal even after undergoing surgery.

Nurul, who was appointed skipper for the Bangladesh T20I team at the Tour of Zimbabwe, injured his finger in his second T20I with the hosts in Harare, and was subsequently banned from both that tour and the subsequent Asian Cup. I was.

Nururu underwent surgery in Singapore to recover from his injury. Anthony Foo performed closure reduction and immobilization at Raffles Hospital. He then competed in the T20 Tri Series in New Zealand prior to the T20 World Cup and continued to play after that, but the pain did not go away.In the second test against India, he was really I had to take a suppository to play the game. “Regarding the condition of the injured finger, I had an injection after the previous game [the second test against India], and the injection was a pain reliever,” Nurul told Cribbuzz on Sunday. After the injection, he (injured finger) is still numb and is fine as is, but the pain may increase after the reaction from the injection is over.

“I was in so much pain that I couldn’t do anything, so I played a test series with suppositories. Every time the ball hit my left hand, there was a kind of impact, so I grabbed the ball with my left side.” I hit it often, but she has had a reaction for a few months and maybe it (my finger) will get better,” he added. Nururu reveals that he has doubts about the surgery and whether it was the right thing to do, and is now living in hope and prayer that the ordeal will soon end. No, I don’t have a choice. I don’t know if the surgery was wrong or bad,” he said. “You may wish you hadn’t had the surgery. Conversely, it could have been worse.”

Meanwhile, the medical department of the Bangladesh Cricket Board confirmed to Cricbuzz that the recent painkiller injection was given according to the surgeon’s instructions and that they are doing the best for him. “We had regular check-ups and gave him injections at the surgeon’s suggestion. Whether he needed another injection, we kept the surgeon informed of his progress and asked if he (the surgeon) I am unsure as to how to proceed.

Possibly the best wicketkeeper in the country, Nurul is fading from behind his stumps, missing a few chances and hurting his credibility as a top gloveman. His BPL his franchise his Rangpur Riders and Bangladesh want him to shake off the pain and get back to the best as soon as possible.

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