Best cricket match prediction: Cheaply dismiss New Zealand by bowling test length: Shami after India win in 2nd ODI

In Jasprit Bumra’s absence, Mohammed Shammi was the pace attack leader even without the ball. He joked that his role in the team hasn’t changed at all.Informative .

“The conditions weren’t as good as we expected. They came out early but the conditions weren’t very friendly to the bowlers. We beat them cheaply by bowling test lengths,” Shami said against New Zealand. Said after being named Most Valuable Player in his ODI for his second time in India. “I talk to my bowlers all the time. That’s my favorite role to play when I’m

Shami and his companions made few mistakes, but the Kiwi Batters did very little. “They obviously bowled very well. They were very relentless with their bowling line and length and didn’t give us an easy chance to score. Of course we lost five points pretty early on. So it was difficult to come back from there,” said captain Tom Latham.

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