Best cricket match prediction: “I have three small children…”: Explains why Trent Boult gave up New Zealand cricket deal

Last August, New Zealand Cricket (NZC) announced that they released star bowler Trent Boult from their central contract. The cricketer is tired of touring abroad and wants to spend more time with his young family. However, this did not mean that Boult retired from cricket entirely, but the important decision not only gave him some breathing room, but instead earned him time to compete in the T20 league. did.

Boult, 33, is still a few years away from seriously considering his post-cricket prospects.

Boult is proud of his accomplishments with the New Zealand Test team, but his decision was inevitable.

His no contract means he can play in any tournament Boult chooses, but he receives no preferential treatment in regards to playing in New Zealand. The left-hander still dreams of representing his country at the 2023 ODI World Championships.

“I have decided to go to his two other leagues at the busiest time of the New Zealand cricket summer. I understand what’s going to happen,” Boult admitted.

“I would love to be in [the World Cup] and make another crack and I hope it continues. It’s still a long way off,” he added. Boult believes following in his footsteps will become a common sight for players later in their careers, but young players choosing clubs over countries could cause concern for New Zealand.

“At some point in their career, it might be common for men. If kids who have played international cricket for a year decide that they prefer cricket to international cricket, that could be a problem,” he said. think.

“There aren’t that many cricketers in New Zealand. Not many people!” he added.

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