Best predictions for today’s matches : Sangakkara Explains Why No Team Bought Suresh Raina At The Auction In IPL 2022

According to Kumar Sangakkara, franchises have begun to favour and purchase players that provide more value and usefulness above large names and reputations.

In an analysis of the IPL auctions, Rajasthan Royals’ Director of Cricket and Head Coach Kumar Sangakkara noted how the IPL clubs have begun to favour and acquire players that give more value and usefulness over big-name players.

“It may be seen in a variety of ways. Players evolve as time passes, and newer players establish new reputations “He used the example of former CSK batter Suresh Raina, who received no offers for the IPL 2022 season.

“In the case of Suresh Raina, his IPL cricket reputation is unrivalled. Season after season, he has been an incredible legend, consistently ranking among the finest and most outstanding performances. When you get down to the nitty gritty, it’s possible that the player isn’t right for that season. It doesn’t change the fact that the player is one of the greatest ever or of exceptional quality, and it’s something that analysts, coaches, and owners seek for.”

Kumar Sangakkara considers skipper Sanju Samson to be “one of the top T20 players” in the world.

Kumar Sangakkara bestowed great praise on his team’s captain in a Red Bull Cricket Room chat on the clubhouse app, saying that he is someone who has every quality that one seeks for in a batter and also has natural leadership characteristics.

“Regardless of whether he is the captain or the future of RR, he is one of the top T20 players in the world. He is a wonderful player, destructive, match-winner, and has all of the qualities that a batter should possess.” Before I took over last season, he was captain. I’ve grown to respect and appreciate him as a person. He’s quite enthusiastic about RR. He began here, and he appreciates it. He’s a captain who’s not afraid to say that he doesn’t know everything and that he’ll learn as he goes. He’s born with innate leadership skills. He’s just going to get better,” he continued.

The Rajasthan Royals will be led by Sanju Samson for the second season, and he will be looking for a stronger season than the previous one. Sangakkara said that he fully supports the player, believing that he is well-suited for the leadership position.

He’s a down-to-earth person who doesn’t say much. He’s well fit for this position, which has made working with him a lot simpler and more enjoyable. He has a sense of comedy as well, which he sometimes displays. He’s quite proud of himself, and he wants to win. All I can do is provide him with the greatest possible support so that he can be the leader he knows he is capable of.”

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