Correct cricbuzz prediction: Captains can choose teams after SA20 tournament draw

For the first time in premier T20 competition, Team Captains will be able to choose their Game XI after the draw. The day before his first SA20 tournament started in Cape Town, the organizers announced that, among other additions, this potential said that it contained a radically revolutionary adjustment.

Basically, the captain has to nominate his 13 players before the toss, and coins can reduce the team size to 11 after his toss. His two players omitted become his players on the alternate field.

Another unique change to the playing conditions is that there are no throw overruns if a “deliberate” runout attempt causes the ball to be deflected off the stumps. Organizers said this was to encourage “active and aggressive defense”.

There are also bonus points that can be earned in each game. In addition to his 4 points of victory, a team will score his 5th point if he can win with a run rate of 1.25 times his opponent’s. Another change they have introduced is that if that ball hits the batsman’s wicket, there will be no runs on the ‘free hit’ delivery.

Among all these changes, post-roll voting rules are highlighted. Never before has his prestigious T20 tournament made such a change to one of the fundamental laws of cricket. These days, though, the league hasn’t hesitated to experiment with changes to how the T20 game is played. Australia’s Big Bash League offers ‘Power Surge’ (power play over split 4+2), ‘Bash Boost’ (bonus points for a better score at halftime) and ‘X Factor’ (10 understudy) was introduced. Similarly, the IPL will introduce the ‘Impact Player’ rule into the competition after completing practice runs in his T20 tournament in the country.

The SA20 competition begins his January 10th with MI Cape Town at home against Pearl Royals. The 33-game, six-team competition is part of his star-studded T20 lineup in January, which includes the Emirates T20 League, The Big Bash and his BPL in Bangladesh.

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