Cricbuzz prediction : Usman Khawaja on his way to success

When Usman Khawaja unveiled LeBron James’ “Silencer” at last year’s SCG, his celebration was a bit of a relief. As if freed from everything that kept him from being exactly who he wanted to be on the field, Kawaja, as we’ll find out, had his hands sunken as he reached his ninth test century. When we started marching, we didn’t completely silence our detractors and critics. The elegant left-hander was more concerned with assuaging his own doubts about returning to Test cricket.

A year later, Khawaja entered his 13th test century and as he started in 2022 he started in 2023. It’s a time when he can be himself on and off the field, seemingly unaffected by how his audience perceives him. , it’s not every day that you do a spontaneous dance routine like this. I’ve seen him delve into it before, albeit on social media.

Also in his 12th year as Test his cricket was a sign of the highest level of confidence the 36-year-old has when he tackles cricket. And how he’s mastered his approach to his second visit to Japan at this level since dedicating an ode to LeBron around this time last year. It seems strange that it took him a century to score by the Fifth Test of the very hitting-friendly Summer.

Since making a dramatic comeback on his former home ground 12 months ago, Khawaja has been a hit on his second date as we’ve seen him dancing like he’s dominating the stage. For the first time in his career, he seems to be in control of his cricket destiny…and he loves it.

That’s not to say that SCG’s pitch didn’t pose a big threat this time around. South African bowling has also been bowling away, except for Henrich Nortje’s violent outburst of short-pitch bowling before tea on Thursday when Khawaja was in his 160s. But it was still the inning that encapsulated the incredible streak of over 1000 hits. That’s because he’s confident not only in his technique, but in his approach to building his innings. am.

Minor apprehensions about technique and approach are gone. Find a way and stick to it. Earlier in the season, he had his racket hanging and was repeatedly folded behind a wicket. But instead of being upset by it, Khawaja entered the net and worked diligently with Michael di Venuto, putting him in a position that allowed him to make more precise decisions than usual about what to play and what to leave.

But the quality of his hitting that stood out most was his ability to maneuver the two South African spinners on a dry pitch that started to spin. I’ve seen it to great effect in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.The way he got deep into the crease, handled every turn and started pulling back to bounce the spinner can be generated from the surface. In the process, he expanded his repertoire to include many scoring options for him, building on his commitment to doing his challenges his way. Let Steve Smith, the hitting professor who scored his 30 tons in the test alongside his longtime teammate, describe his recent “comfort” with Khawaja’s hitting. “I think he’s happy with the way he’s playing. He has a chance to score anywhere. If you set up a square a certain way, he plays a certain way and hits the limit and puts someone there. You can force it to put it and play it another way and force someone to put it there he plays the game really well he’s very effective against spins He has a nice sideways racket shot, he didn’t play as much reverse as I expected today, but he lacked spin so he probably didn’t need to.

“Right now he’s at the peak of his game. He’s scoring as he pleases and hitting beautifully. So now he’s very comfortable and I think he’s playing really well.”

But that’s exactly what Kawaja has been doing these past two days at his SCG. He obstructed the South African every step of the way and in many ways forced him to throw the ball where he wanted. and put them away. His glistening toes in celebration may have been an indication of how well his feet worked rhythmically when he was battling spin recently.

This great stage in his pop career also prepares him for the one challenge in his career that he never managed to overcome. Considering Khawaja has not yet challenged the test on Indian soil, it’s really surprising. Perhaps it has something to do with the constant question sleeping in the minds of many cricketers, except himself, about his ability to counter Indian spinners in the backyard. I’m not saying it’s easier than him to beat.But you feel he couldn’t be in better shape for it.And once he gets there, even if He does it his way and owns everything, even if that means making a little fuss like he did with SCG.

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