Cricket betting tips 2023 : Sports Betting Terms Must Know before Placing a Bet

The world of sports betting is filled with many specialized words. When placing bets at an online bookmaker in India, keep this helpful glossary of betting words bookmarked as a resource in case you run into any new phrases.

Accumulator/Acca. A bet is made up of several bets where all selections need to win for the overall bet to win.

Arbitrage. Or ARB, spreading liability, or placing a bet to lock in a profit.

Asian Handicap. A head-start in terms of goals or portion of a goal given in football.

Bhav. Is a local Indian term for the team’s betting odds to win a match.

Closing Line/Closing Odds. This is comparable to a Starting Price (SP) in horse racing but cricket. It is, therefore, the last price offered right before the game begins.

Dead-heat. Where two selections tie e.g., two bowlers taking three wickets each. Not to be confused with a draw in football or cricket.

Dark Horse. A participant who is neither one of the favorites nor an outsider.

Even money. A bet that pays out at exactly the value of the stake and theoretically has a 50% chance of winning.

Favorite (Jolly). The participant with the best odds of winning out of everyone in the book.

False Favorite. The situation in which betting is done and the favorite is viewed (by bettors) as a weak favorite in terms of price and not a good indication of its prospects of winning compared to other runners, who are deemed to have a higher probability.

Handicap. An artificial head-start has been given to the outsider in terms of goals, runs, or points.

Handicap race. Horserace where horses carry different weights according to their career-long ability or recent form. This is one of the things to watch out for when you do horse race betting.

In-play Betting. Speculating about an event while it’s happening or after it’s already begun. Live betting is another name for it.

Joint-Favorite. When two or more runners are given equal odds to win the race as the favorites.

Liquidity. Is a betting exchange market’s accessible capital. More people betting on a specific market means more liquidity, which increases your chances of getting your bet matched at the price you want to wager.

Mug Bet. A bet that rates as poor value.

Odds. Numbers that assess/express a player or team’s chances of winning. For example, India’s playing Bangladesh in a T20 match. The cricket odds for an India win are 1.42 while Bangladesh’s odds are 3.00. This means

Odds-against. A player or team whose odds suggest it has a worse than 50% chance of winning.

Odds-compiler. A person who works out the odds on something happening and adjusts them if necessary.

Odds-on. A player or team whose odds suggest that it has a better than a 50% chance of winning.

Pick’em Bet. An instance in which neither team is favored. In spread-based sports like basketball or football, this is a line of 0.

Satta Bazar. Satta means betting and bazar means market. Satta bazar is a highly popular term in the betting circle.

Tipster. A person offering betting tips either for free or as part of a subscription.

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