Cricket match prediction today : After the T20 World Cup, BCCI and Selectors are expected to discuss Virat Kohli’s future in T20Is.

It could happen sooner rather than later. After the T20 World Cup in Australia, Virat Kohli might have to give up playing T20 Internationals. In fact, that choice will probably be discussed after the T20 World Cup by the selectors and the BCCI top brass. But for the time being, the question is who will blink first. Will it be the BCCI or Virat Kohli?

The T20 batsman Kohli is using his memory during playing. But it is now fairly clear that his strategies are not serving him in this quick-paced, high-impact game. It also prevents the Indian squad from using their resources to their fullest potential. The 20s or 35s are on the way, but not at a 150 strike rate (it was 102.94 against Pakistan on Sunday).

Will Virat Kohli be cut from the T20 World Cup squad? Virat Kohli T20 WC

  • Even if he isn’t scoring runs at a blistering rate, not in your wildest dreams.
  • But after the T20 World Cup in Australia, would Kohli be able to play for India in this format?
  • Even if those in charge of making decisions are aware of the solution, they won’t reveal it.
  • Since the “Desert Debacle” last year, that query has been circulating within Indian cricket’s inner sanctums.
  • India’s elimination from the T20 World Cup was premature.
  • That was Kohli’s final competition leading India’s T20 team.
  • Then, he had given up being the captain of one format in the hope that doing so would lighten his workload and relieve him of the responsibility of serving as the team’s captain in all formats.
  • Even if Kohli doesn’t look back on the decision after a year, it didn’t turn out the way he had hoped.
  • The educated man saw the indications and gave up his “virtual arm-band” in a format where his numbers were outstanding after being ousted from the leadership of the ODI.
  • He acknowledged that there was a time when he was not having fun with the game.
  • His results in five T20Is in 2022 are 17, 52, 1, 11, and 35.

Even though Kohli just shared his recent battles with mental health issues in a frank interview with “Star Sports,” burnout is still a possibility.

By the time he’s 33, he’ll have played in 464 international matches. Add 15 seasons of intense Indian Premier League competition, during which he served as both the franchise’s key batting anchor and its most recognisable player.

If we disregard the low scores, his 17 came off of 13 pitches, his 52 came off of 41 pitches, and his 35 came off of 34 pitches. Not every game must end with a half-century for India. But perhaps the 35 off 20–22 balls or even the 20 off 10 balls, which have a high impact factor even though they don’t produce a lot of runs.

Simply told, his scores don’t align with Rohit Sharma’s attacking attitude or Rohit-ball mentality. The same is true for KL Rahul, but unlike Kohli, he still has time to change his strategy.

These are cold, hard statistical facts: he is hardly able to maintain a strike-rate of even 100 from overs 6 to 14 when slow bowlers are in play.

The proverbial elephant in the room is the debate regarding Kohli’s ranking as the third batter in T20 cricket. However, it is acknowledged that the BCCI might wait till after the T20 World Cup to address the problem.

The simplest path may be taken if Kohli decides to focus on the 50-over format while taking an indefinite vacation from the T20s. In addition to the 38 Tests scheduled for the upcoming FTP cycle, India has the World Cup to play at home.

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