Cricket win prediction : Bring back Mohammed Shami for the ICC T20 World Cup, say five former selectors and Indian coaches in unison. Team selection is on the 16th.

In the Asia Cup, Mohammad Shami’s services were missed by Rohit Sharma and company. The burden is on the selectors to put Shami in the T20 World Cup team since it is unclear if Jasprit Bumrah and Harshal Patel will be available for the tournament. The number of people calling for Shami’s inclusion increases daily. Shami should be promptly brought back to the Indian squad, according to Ravi Shastri, Kiran More, and many others.

When is the meeting for selection?

  • On September 16th, the BCCI Selection Committee meeting is anticipated to occur.
  • The squads for both the ICC T20 World Cup and the INDIA vs. Australia T20 Series will be announced on the same day.
  • There is a growing consensus that Shami will be called back up to the Indian team.

Mohammed Shami World Cup Team It’s crucial to remember that the management and selectors don’t have a lot of time. On September 16, the Indian team for the T20 World Cup will be unveiled. Before making a final decision on the roster, they are awaiting the health of Jasprit Bumrah and Harshal Patel.

In the last month or two, a lot of former players and selectors have commented on Shami’s participation. The absence of an accomplished player like Shami from India’s T20 squad this season is rather perplexing. Here are a few of the remarks posted on different platforms.

The former India coach is known for not holding back. Shami was a crucial member of the bowling unit under his leadership, therefore Shastri was startled to learn that he would not be participating in the T20 World Cup.

You need the additional one… I find it strange that someone like Mohammed Shami would chill his heels while sitting at home. It’s disappointing that he didn’t make the cut after the IPL he played in. Naturally, what I’m seeing is different,” he remarked.

Abou Karim (ex-player and selector)

The former selector is certain that Shami can demonstrate his abilities if given an opportunity before the World Cup. India now has a minimum of six T20 matches scheduled, but the squad will be chosen before the series, which adds some intrigue. His withdrawal has surprised everyone since he performed well in the IPL 2022, when he took 20 wickets.

“Shami was in excellent shape and performed well in the IPL. If the selection committee gives him enough opportunities before the World Cup, he can definitely make the starting XI.

Lal Madan (ex-player)

Madan Lal, a World Cup champion from 1983, has even gone so far as to declare that Shami is Bumrah’s closest rival as a bowler. “Shami should unquestionably be included on the T20 World Cup roster. He is, after Bumrah, our finest bowler. In search of a bowler who might help me gain wickets I don’t want bowlers who solely try to stop runs from scoring. In this arrangement, batters will keep scoring runs. Taking wickets is the only way to stop the flow of runs, he remarked.

When discussing Shami and the need of taking him to Australia, More is fairly forceful. “Shami needs to compete in the World Cup, I still maintain. Rahul Dravid follows a certain procedure and values having backups. In the early days after Bumrah’s injury, More said, “I don’t know the degree of Bumrah’s injury, but come the World Cup, and Bumrah (if healthy) and Shami will surely travel the World Cup.

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