Cricketzine prediction: Belinda Clark becomes first cricketer to cast statue to be unveiled at Sydney Cricket Ground

Clark played 15 Tests and over 100 Limited Overs between 1991 and 2005 and was the first cricketer to score 200 points in a single international match.

Australia’s Belinda Clark became the first female cricketer to be cast in her honor in a statue of her groundbreaking former captain unveiled outside the Sydney Cricket Ground on Thursday .

Clark scored an unbeaten 229 against Denmark in 1997, when she made 15 Tests and over 100 Limited Overs her matches between 1991 and 2005. At the Japan International Tournament she became the first cricketer to reach 200 points.

A 52-year-old statue stands on the ground alongside former captains Richie Benaud and Steve Waugh.

“I’m glad the sculpture was installed. People are looking at it now and probably wondering… “It’s really important to be able to say who it is and be able to talk a little bit,” said Clarke, who has held senior positions on the Australian Cricket Board since retiring.

“This sculpture embodies the ability to challenge, to be brave, to face these challenges and to break with convention.”

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