Exact cricbuzz prediction : “The game remains simple, despair goes nowhere”

Play every game like it was the last and be happy instead of sad. Virat Kohli learned it during his spell dry with a racket.

Between November 2019 and he September 2022, Kohli did not score his 100. He ended the drought with his first T20I 100 in last year’s Asian Cup and now in his first ODI in Guwahati and his last two with Sri Lanka in his recent ODI he finished 2 have an innings

“One thing I’ve learned is that despair doesn’t get you anywhere,” Kohli said after winning the Player of the Game award. “The game is still very simple. It’s not who we are when we have a bat or a ball, but it’s people’s point of view of our own attachments, our desires, our own attachments that complicate things. I think that when that perspective stops, you find yourself in the space where everything is swirling.

“And the real distance to play fearlessly, to play for the right reasons, to play almost every game like it was your last, to be happy instead of sad about it. These are the things I That’s what I learned. “I can’t hold things. The game will go on. What am I trying to protect?” I am [now] in a happy space. I just want to enjoy my game and enjoy playing while I play. “

Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gir only took the podium after Sri Lanka put India into the match on Tuesday as he scored his opening streak of 143 runs in 19.4 overs. Cori also started aggressively and maintained that pace, finishing 87 to 113, bringing his batting average close to his 130. His tapping put India ahead of him 373 for 7.

“I personally don’t think I prepared anything else,” Kohli said. “The preparation is always the same, the intention is always the same. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, but today I felt like I was hitting the ball well from the start, so I kept going with the intention. ‘ When the wicket fell, I had to somehow hold the end and bat with another man.

“Like I said in the inning break, it was very close to the assists I’m playing. Also, knowing the conditions (tau) in the second half, we need 25-30 extra runs. It was also in the back of my mind that it would be a comfortable total number on the board.

During his innings, Kohli was dropped on his two occasions. First he scored 52, then he scored 81. Kohli said she is grateful for days like this because happiness is not always the case.

“I used to take them every day,” Cori said during an innings break. We can bow our heads and thank God, we tend to get frustrated when our luck doesn’t go our way.

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