Exact cricket match prediction: Ranji Trophy 2022-23: Injured Delhi sees much-needed victory over confident Saurashtra

Saurashtra’s win over Mumbai for the first time in the history of the Ranji Trophy moved them to third in the points table while Delhi, plagued by a string of injuries, moved to seventh.

Saurashtra will take on Rajkot as they face an exhausted Delhi in the fourth round Elite Group B Ranji Trophy match at Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) Stadium from Tuesday. will become your favorite.

India internationals Jaydev Unadkat and Cheteshwar will further strengthen Saurashtra’s squad riding a wave of confidence after beating Mumbai by 48 points to him in the final round if his Pujara can.

Saurashtra’s victory over Mumbai for the first time in Ranji’s trophy history put him third in his table on points with one win and two draws.

mount injury list

Meanwhile, Delhi lost to Maharashtra in the opener by nine wickets behind him, with Assam and Tamil Nadu allowing first innings to put him in seventh.

A long injury list in bowling also exacerbates Delhi’s predicament. Ishant Sharma and Navdeep Saini remain suspended with side braces and abdominal braces respectively. Mayank his Yadav has a laceration on his thigh and Simajit his Singh has an injured heel.

Harshit Rana, the best pacer against Tamil Nadu, will also miss the match against Saurashtra due to injury. Either Divij Mehra or Prince Yadav could get the virgin hat.

Delhi’s selectors dropped keeper batter Anuj Rawat, who averaged under-30s and just 157 runs in three games. The slow left-arm orthodox Vikas Mishra also faced the ax. Keeper Krish Yadav and starter Salil Malhotra have joined the squad.

Delhi played his final game at home. His short turnaround time (three days) and lack of options between matches, including traveling by air, also means that Delhi can hardly afford a policy of breaks and rotations. But it’s not all bleak for Delhi, at least off the field. Yash Dur’s men welcomed a respite from the bitter cold in their homes, and in Rajkot they were greeted with a refreshing mix of hazy sunshine and cool breezes.

bowling problem

In last week’s match against Tamil Nadu against Feroz Shah Kotra, Delhi’s spinners often lacked power and control but had good hitting wickets. Treat this as a red flag, especially against Sheldon, a mid-tier stronghold who is adept at handling spinners and can attack if necessary, against the Saurashtra side where his Jackson is. You should try to control it.

all round boost

Left arm spin his bowling his all-rounder Dharmendra Singh Jadeja was an asset to his team at home. He scored a career-high first-class 90 in three innings after scoring his 154 in his six games against Mumbai. Derry expects Druve Shorey to continue his purple staining at bat, and Skipper Dru is in his element, bringing a backbone to the batting.

Delhi need a win to keep their KO qualifier hopes alive.

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