Expert cricbuzz prediction: Dean Elgar still has ‘hunger and drive’ to lead South Africa

South Africa captain admits being ‘very frustrated’ by repeated soft layoffs in Australia Series

Dean Elgar claims he has the “hunger and drive” to continue after two straight losses despite his own poor form as South Africa’s Test captain.

Since being captain in mid-2021, Elgar has not scored 100 points, averaging 28.40 and has not scored more than 36 points in the last 10 innings. Nonetheless, Elgar was committed to leading South Africa, the final challenge of this World Test Championship.

He said, ‘The test is two and Gary he may have enough time to play cricket.Then the pressure will ease a bit. But I enjoy the pressure. If [I] was scoring now it would have been a lot easier to say [I want to go on], but of course you have to commit to it and ask yourself those questions and I did. Without a doubt, I am still hungry and motivated,” Elgar said after South Africa saved the Sydney Test.

In a post-fight TV interview, Elgar was a little more optimistic, believing he would “come back” to the run in 2022 after a disappointing year. Admitted to being unhappy with the method:
He strangled his leg three times in six visits to the fold. “I can accept once or twice, but the third is pretty frustrating,” he said. This is obviously something new, I’ve been in my testing career for 10 years, uncharted territory for me, it’s something you might have to think about, and you You can tell if it’s fucking luck or not. I will look into it with an open mind. It’s just a little frustrating that I didn’t make it through the series, but once you start doing it, it’s no big deal in Test cricket. All in all it’s very frustrating. I actually hit well, and my physique was good. I’ve actually played it because I’ve had a bad batting average, which is the irony of this game. ”

But he’s not going to analyze his technique just yet. Without an SA20 contract, Elgar is looking to hit the ground running by January, targeting a comeback in the second half of the four-day national competition that begins on February 12th. “I take as much time off as I want. That’s what I need right now,” he said. “There have been some discussions with myself and my batting coach about the possibility of doing some extra work, but for now, I’m going to jump on the plane, go home, relax a little bit, do some blies, get out in the bush. I just want to play ‘something golf, those are the little things that deny South Africans when they go on tour. Just go home and relax a bit. ”

He will also be without vice-captain Temba Babuma in SA20, joined by opening partner Sarel Ahwi and intermediate hitter Kaya Zondo on the sidelines, and the rest of the Test team in the new T20 tournament. Both sets of players have a chance to lick the wounds after Elgar explains that it was a chastening tour that left scars.

“We are hurt and ashamed,” he said. “These things are working together now.”

Batting for South Africa on the final day of the series his performance saw him score 255 points in the first innings. This was his most in nine innings, and he was 2 for 106 when stumps were called. as bad as they look.

“Maybe I feel a little less (hurt and embarrassed) now,” he said. “These two words would have been stronger after the second match, but after fighting hard and showing some really positive signs in that match, it turned out better for me. Maybe it took me a week to get over the pain and embarrassment, so maybe it’s a little easier to talk about now.”

Still, South Africa can’t get around the fact that they’ve been completely overrated throughout the series, with interim manager Maribonwe Maketa calling it a loss “to a better, more experienced and experienced team”. And urged South Africa to reconsider. This includes everything from top-six formations to Maketa’s position, which will be completely filled over the next few weeks.

There is strong sentiment that South Africa may be forced to carry out a complete purge and reorganize the Redball structure. It feels like an overhaul is going on at home and Elgar seems to know it’s coming, especially after this tour.He wants to be part of the future of testing in South Africa, but For now, I just want to process what happened.

“I think we have to be honest. Emotions are also part of our DNA. We are human too and we can show that,” he said. “We are a very proud nation and we play to win. When things don’t go your way, things like that run through your veins.”

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