Expert cricbuzz prediction: “Few Indians will survive abroad. That’s the first thing I noticed about him…”: India’s Great Lala’s Big Say

Brian Lara made a big comment about India Great when discussing his playing career.

Indian cricket has enjoyed a pedigree of good batsmen throughout the various eras of the sport. In the 70s and his 80s, Sunil Gavaskar enjoyed a spectacular batting advantage and finished his career as the highest scoring Test his cricketer. Shortly after his retirement, 16-year-old Sachin made his Tendulkar debut in his 1989 match against Pakistan. Tendulkar broke several records in his 24-year international cricket career and retired in 2013, but he, affectionately known as ‘The Master Blaster’, was unable to win the test. and holds the record for most runs in his ODI.

Tendulkar had numerous batting rivals. One of his was former West Indies captain Brian Lara. Widely regarded as one of the game’s all-time greats, Lara is the Windies’ Test’s top-scoring hitter, and he’s seventh overall. Also during a conversation with FOX Cricket, Lara gave Tendulkar a glorious tribute when discussing India Great’s contribution to the game. Lara dominated her opponents no matter what condition Tendulkar was playing in, which she said made him “special”.

“I’m not going to take anything away from Sachin’s previous era in Indian batting. They had Sunil Gavaskar, Mohammad Azharuddin… (but) when it comes to Indian players in India, they score a lot. There are a lot of players who can raise “run hits you. When they leave India, few survive and get used to the situation…it’s the first I’ve seen with Sachin,” said Lara. “Wherever you took him, no matter how fast he was, how fast he was spinning, he had the skills to handle anything. I think the Indian public recognizes that as well. It was in the first friendly match against Pakistan that he actually got hit with a short delivery.But he got up and he was bleeding too and he stood there and punched him.And that’s what… Not only Indian hitters, but many hitters from all over the world will go to the pavilion for treatment.I think he has shown a lot of courage. “

Speaking more about the Indian star, Lara explained that everything about Tendulkar was “perfect.”

“His talent, skill and technique were consummate. He has just grown into one of the greatest thugs of all time. International cricket from the age of 16 to 24…it’s very special.” Lara said.

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