In the ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup, we are entering the business end of the tournament, and things are looking tight, at least in a few groups. Things are going to get fairly exciting over the following couple of days, with a number of big matches to be played. Group C is rather well balanced, and the competition for first place is becoming increasingly intense with each encounter.

Next up in the competition, Afghanistan U-19 will face Pakistan U-19 in a crucial Group C match that will likely determine who will finish first. The match will take place at Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba, Trinidad, on January 20, 2021.

Pakistan U-19

Pakistan U-19, like Afghanistan U-19, has had a great start and will be looking to advance to the next round with a clean slate in the group round. Pakistan will be confident in their prospects against Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea in their next two matches. Unless, of course, they perform poorly in their encounter against PNG, a win in this future match will ensure their qualification.

Even though Pakistan is now ranked second on the ladder, it doesn’t really matter because the net run rate differential between them and Afghanistan is only a few points. Pakistan will be bursting with confidence after a stunning win over Zimbabwe U-19.

Pakistan’s bowling, as has usually been the case, appears to be exceptional, at least on paper. Their batting has also performed admirably and should be confident in its ability to contribute effectively in this forthcoming match. Pakistan has a very good team, and if they can play to their full capacity, they should cruise to victory in this match.

Afghanistan U-19

Afghanistan has come a long way since their arrival on the international cricket stage, and they have surely progressed in leaps and bounds. Not only has their main team progressed in leaps and bounds, but their U-19 team demonstrates the depth of talent they possess and the potential for Afghanistan’s cricket in the future.

Afghanistan has had a great start to the 2017 U-19 World Cup, and they will be looking to continue that trend with a win in their upcoming encounter. Afghanistan is presently in first place on the ladder, having won one of their only matches. They have a net run rate of 2.700, which is unlikely to be significant in the future.

Afghanistan will be bursting with confidence after a stunning win over Papua New Guinea. Afghanistan got off to a great start with strong performances in both departments, but they were always favourites against PNG to begin with. As a result, their victory isn’t very surprising.

This forthcoming match will be much more difficult for them, and they will have to be at their best. On paper, they have the ability, and if they are able to play to their full potential, getting past them will be extremely difficult.


Both teams have recently delivered several exciting matches, whether at the senior level or at the U-19 level. Pakistan U-19 just defeated Afghanistan U-19 in a close Asia Cup match. This match is also expected to go down to the wire. Given the strength of the two teams and their recent successes, a wager on a Pakistan U-19 victory appears to be the best choice.

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