IPL 2020 : With the help of an emotional movie scene, a CSK player recalls his selection, and a film star reacts.

Harishankar Reddy of the Chennai Super Kings has named famous actor Nani as his favourite. “Natural Star Nani,” he said in a video shared on social media by CSK, adding that he’s seen Nani’s film “Jersey” “a number of times,” including the “train scene.” “After a long struggle, he is finally accepted into the unit. It was very moving.” Nani replied by quoting the video and adding a message and an emoji to CSK’s request that he watch it.

‘Jersey’ is a film about a cricketer who returns to the game in his late thirties, motivated by his desire to play for the Indian cricket team.

Harishankar said, “It made me emotional because I can feel the pain.”

“People do not identify with why he (the actor) shouts and possibly believe it is overacting,” Harishankar said of the “train scene.”

“As a player, I have a greater understanding of the pain and struggle.”

Harishankar reflected on the day he was selected at the IPL auction, saying: “Players congratulated me when I was chosen in the auction. I stormed into the office, yelling ‘Come one, yes’ at the top of my lungs.

“I couldn’t say whether it was a dream or not. I’m not sure what I was going through at the time. ‘Come on!’ I was just saying.

“Nani’s reaction in the movie came to mind that day. I had the same feeling of unanticipated joy.”

Harishankar was sold to CSK at auction in February for Rs 20 lakh, his base price.

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