IPL 2022 Betting Tips : How can the IPL teams in Ahmedabad and Lucknow get players before the major auction?

The eight existing Indian Premier League (IPL) teams have released their list of retentions, kicking off the build-up to the 2022 season. The original eight teams had the option of keeping only four players due to a mega-auction set before the 15th season of the league.

While cricket fans’ attention will be drawn to the mega-auction, which will see some of the game’s top players go under the hammer, the two teams will have the opportunity to sign three players from the list of released players.

This will allow the Ahmedabad and Lucknow IPL franchisees to develop a core group of players and compete on an equal footing with the eight existing clubs in the auction.

What is the maximum amount of money that the new teams can spend?

Even the new franchises will enter the auction with a prize of 90 crores, same like the original eight teams. They would be allowed to spend up to 33 crores on the player draught with the remaining funds. They are allowed to sign three players for a total of Rs. 15 crores, Rs. 11 crores, and Rs. 7 crores.

Which players are available for purchase by the new teams?

Every player who hasn’t been retained by one of the eight current teams is available to the two new teams. The players, however, have the last say on whether to sign for the offered money or participate in the giant auction.

Many players may want to get into the auction due to the fixed money slab, as it will give them a greater chance to obtain a better contract. The new teams can choose to offer the players a greater contract, but this will result in them losing a larger amount of their auction prize pool.

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