IPL Auction 2023:How tie-breaking rules work

An unresolved aspect of the auction is the tie-breaking rule. This issue can occur when two or more franchises are barred from bidding on a player, but lack sufficient funds.

According to the rules of the auction shared with the franchise, it works like this: “When a franchisee bids for a player, it is the last bid they can make for the player – ie. You cannot place your next bid immediately after it has been applied.

“If one or more franchisees submit matching bids for a player, the auctioneer declares that they have ‘sold’ the player for a 2023 league fee equal to the last bid, and the tie-breaking procedure set forth in paragraph 25. shall apply to determine which franchisee will sign the player for 2023. “

Here are the tie-breaking steps:
“BCCI invites each franchisee who submitted a matching bid to a player to submit a silent bid (“tie-breaking bid”) on a form provided by BCCI, along with the franchisee who submitted the last bid. .

“The tiebreaker bid specifies the amount to be paid in Indian Rupees in one installment that the franchisee is willing to pay to BCCI (not the player) to secure the services of the player for the 2023 IPL season. Tie-breaking bids are separate from and are added to the amount, either the last bid amount or the matching bid amount is the player’s bid amount deducted from the respective franchisee’s salary cap. The tie-breaking bid amount is unlimited.

“The BCCI will then initiate a written tie-breaking bid and the player will be awarded to the franchisee with the highest tie-breaking bid. If two or more highest tie-breaking bids are tied, only the highest bidder wins.” The winning franchisee will be invited to repeat the process until 2020. Tiebreaker bid amounts are confidential.The winning franchisee will enter into a standard format 2023 IPL player contract with the player and pay a league fee equal to the final or matching bid amount. Payment, you agree to pay the tie-breaking bid amount (or the highest tie-breaking bid amount if there were multiple bidding rounds) to BCCI.”

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