IPL BROADCAST : The Taliban has banned the broadcast of the IPL due to the presence of female spectators at stadiums.

The Taliban has prohibited the broadcasting of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the world’s most lucrative and prestigious cricket league, in Afghanistan. This goes against the Taliban’s claim of presenting a moderate face.

It has issued a warning to Afghan media outlets not to broadcast the IPL, citing the dancing and the presence of female supporters in stadiums as reasons.
The terrorist group has stated that women’s rights will be protected within the Islamic framework, but has provided few details or limitations.

Afghanistan’s new sports chief announced last week that the Taliban will legalise 400 sports, but refuses to say if women will be allowed to participate in any of them. “Do not ask any more questions regarding women,” Bashir Ahmad Rustamzai told the AFP news agency.

A Taliban spokesman stated women can’t be ministers and should instead give birth in another terrifying declaration.

“You can’t put something on a woman’s neck that she can’t carry, so she can’t be a minister. Women do not need to be in the cabinet; instead, they should give birth. Women protestors cannot speak for all Afghan women “TOLO news spoke with speaker Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi.

Taliban’s new higher education minister declared earlier this month that Afghan women will be permitted to attend universities if they study apart from men.

The Taliban government is entirely made up of men.

Women were absolutely barred from participating in any sport during the extremists’ cruel and oppressive government, which lasted from 1996 to 2001. Men’s sport was rigorously regulated. Women were also often denied access to school and employment.

Following the group’s overthrow of the US-backed government last month, many Afghan women and women’s rights activists fear a return of such tactics.

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