IPL fixing : Who is Bengali fast bowler Mukesh Kumar signed by Delhi Capitals in IPL auction?

Delhi Capitals have signed Bengali pacemaker Mukesh Kumar for Rs 5.5 crore. Mukesh entered the auction with a base price of Rs.200,000.

Elhi Capitals has signed Bengali pacemaker Mukesh Kumar for Rs 5.5 crore. Mukesh entered the auction with a base price of Rs.200,000.

CSK launched a bid and was assisted by DC. When PBKS entered the race, Mukesh’s price soon saw him exceed Rs 10 crore. CSK eventually dropped out, but DC persisted and eventually he signed Mukesh. In October, Mukesh received his first call-up in India for the ODI in South Africa.

“In love with cricket”

In 2012, Mukesh’s father wanted him to “get a job and help his family,” but his son was obsessed with the game. He said, “I loved playing cricket. I loved working hard. I didn’t even know what inswing and outswing were. All I knew was to bowl fast. That’s how we played in the second division, scoring six goals in the first match.”

He was promoted to his first division of the CAB League, but was far from his concentration. In his next two years he was haunted by tennis balls his cricket (a lucrative offer) and his T20 frenzy. “I have played these prize tournaments in Calcutta, Patna and sometimes Delhi. Then there was the Vision 2020 exam and my life changed forever. ”

The Bengal Cricket Association started with his V.V.S. Laxman, Wakar Younis and Muttiah Muralitharan are the top. Bose sensed his talent and persuaded Wakar to take him on.

He made his debut for Bengal the following season after overcoming malnutrition problems and learning the art of cricket. “I would like to thank Sir Lano and Sir Joy, they taught me discipline and patience,” he says. He also thanked former Indian opener and Bengal head coach ‘Larsar’ for believing in him and giving him every game in the 2019-20 Ranji Trophy, proving to be a game changer. Proved… Until then, he hadn’t had a consistent run on the state side.

From a background like his hometown, the bowler is blown away when placed on a state team. Mukesh’s case was no exception. In fact, he remembers him always laughing about it when he sat in the corner of the Bengali changing room. “When I first entered the dressing room in Bengal, it was full of Indian players. Pragyan Ojha, Mohammed Shami, Ashok Dinda, Manoj Tiwary and Wriddhiman Saha. Five players,” he says with a shy smile. said with a smile.

“Until recently, I always wondered where I played. There is no soil in my village. I was playing two seasons, one after the wheat harvest and one after the rice. I was leveling the field to play with my hands. And I thought I was from there sitting in the corner laughing about it. “

Once Tiwari asked him:
look at me why are you laughing “So I said the same thing to him and told myself I still couldn’t believe I was sharing a dressing room with you. He told me:
You worked hard for it and you deserve it. “

On Friday, the Indian Cricket Brotherhood and everyone in Mukesh’s social circles will repeat what Tiwari Mukesh said six years ago.

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