IPL Player Prediction 2023:What is the ‘IMPACT player rule’ in IPL 2023? – Check the details

Additionally, if a “late start reduces the total number of overs available to both teams to less than 20 overs per innings before the start of the match”, the implementation of the Impact Player Rule remains unchanged.

Season after season, the Indian Premier League (IPL) introduces innovative elements to make it better and more exciting. His 2023 season in Money League is no exception. Cricket fans will see the introduction of the ‘impact player’ rule and the return of the home and away format. The word “exciting” naturally comes to mind when someone talks about life or anything “new” in general. Similarly, the ‘impact player’ rule and the return of the home-away format completely change the dynamics of the IPL. Many team sports, such as football, rugby, basketball, and baseball, allow teams to make tactical substitutions. Even in cricket, there are different player substitution rules for each league, but 2023 will be the first season in which impact players will appear in the IPL.

Under the Impact Players Rule, a team must list four alternate players in a draw in addition to their playing XI. Any of the four submarines can be used as impact players. A captain may turn on an impact player before the start of an inning. at the end of an over; when a wicket falls or when the batter retires. However, if the bowling side calls an impact player during an over (when a wicket falls or the batter throws), he may not bowl the remaining balls of the over.

The rule further states that a replaced player does not participate in the game, even as a substitute fielder. As for restrictions, if a team names four foreign players in the starting XI, he can only field one Indian as an influencer. This is intended to limit the number of foreign players per game to his four per team.

However, if a team starts an XI with only 3 or fewer foreign players, they may start as impact players, but they will be drawn as part of the 4 alternates in the lottery. need to do it.

When a bowling team uses an impact player, they may bowl the full quota of four overs regardless of how many overs the replacing player has bowled. Furthermore, if “a late start reduces the total number of overs available to both teams before the start of the match for him to less than 20 overs per inning”, the impact player’s implementation of the rule remains unchanged.

Home-and-away return
Since the Covid-19 outbreak, IPLs have been held in only a few locations. In 2020, the league played behind closed doors at his three venues in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Also in 2021, the tournament will be held in four venues: Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Chennai. His four stadiums in Maharashtra hosted all league matches of the 2022 IPL season, with the exception of the play-offs and finals in Kolkata and Ahmedabad respectively. But now that the pandemic is under control and the BCCI is organizing a full-fledged national season, the well-funded league says each team will play his one game at home and his one away. Revert to old format.

With the IPL returning to its traditional home-and-away base, teams will have to strategize accordingly and complete Game XI. CSK will return to Chepauk stadium where spinners will play a big role and MI will enjoy the pace and bounce at Wankhede stadium.

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