IPL Prediction 2023: ‘Freebird’ Riyan Parag’ spreads her wings

Riyan Parag has shrugged off criticism over the poor IPL campaign leading his state side Assam with great stick and ball performances in all formats this season.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you,” read Riyan Parag’s Twitter feed post.

And it’s not just a random quote. Fun loving and happy he is 21 years old he understands every word in his journey so far in cricket and recently achieved 22 yards so every challenge is a new opportunity for him I know that All he has to do is sit back and clear these hurdles one by one as he does, whether it’s Assam at home to his circuit or the Indian Premier League’s Rajasthan Royals. Coming from a family of athletes, his father, Parag Das, is a former top-class cricketer, and his mother, Mithoo Boorah, is an international swimmer. Riyan knows what cricketers go through when they are at a disadvantage. And in recent years, life has taught her Riyan a very important lesson.

This young man is a music geek, an avid social his media his user, and deeply concerned with his opinions and decisions regarding the platform. On the pitch, however, we see a completely different Rian. He is aggressive and loves to play under pressure.

Perhaps that’s why, in his second inning of Ranji’s trophy match against Hyderabad, he scored 78 runs from just 28 balls, a thrilling Assam thriller that saw him set the tone for an 18-run win. is. “Playing for Assam definitely changes the role. I have a lot of responsibility here because I know the team needs me in certain situations.

He said he “plays his best cricket when there is pressure” and his time at the IPL taught the young gun to stay calm and get things done. Yes, I am in a situation where I have to assert myself. That’s what I like. I like challenges and every game is a challenge here. It’s like giving candy to a child. I love you,” he said with a smile.

Rajiv in Hyderabad this week at the Gandhi International Stadium, Ryan lit the stage with 78 carries after he took 4 wickets on 48 carries. Coming out in fourth place, he hit eight 4s and six sixes for a batting average of 278.57, hitting 50 on just 19 pitches.

These fast innings boosted Assam’s chances and paved the way for him to win.Ryan also took four wickets in two innings. “That’s exactly my strength. I visualize these scenarios often. You might say on my social media or Instagram that I’m not that focused and a deep thinker about cricket, but my teammates know that I’m a very deep thinker. Visualizing a lot helps me perform better under pressure,” he says confidently.

India’s Riyan, who is a member of the 2018 U-19 World Cup winning squad, is in great form this season. After impressive performances in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy (253 runs in 7 games) and the Vijay Hazare Trophy (552 runs in 9 games; 10 wickets), Riyan has also found success in his Ranji Trophy.

Riyan politely reminded me why his IPL franchise and state teams hold him in high esteem. He excelled in the Vijay Hazare Trophy during Assam’s campaign. His consistency with Yanagi – whose 174 in his 351 run chase against Jammu & Kashmir in the quarterfinals was a highlight – came to the fore. He also surprised his opponents with his ball variations.

Over the years, the young man has often been unfairly trolled on his social media, but Riyan says he’s figured out how to take things at his own pace. “It’s all about believing in yourself. I know everyone says it’s a cliché, but I think a cricketer only progresses by playing as many games as they play. Played four seasons in the IPL. , I’ve also played quite a bit in domestic cricket, so I really believe in myself and my abilities, and that’s part of my relative success at home…”

The second is to “block out all external noise”.

“No matter how well I do, I’m sure people will judge me because I play a different kind of cricket. When it affects me, it interferes with my game. I’m just playing like a bird now. I express myself, do what I love, and show the world my skills. What I can really do is pretend to be someone else and not try to fit in,” he says.

The Guwahati boy rose to fame in 2019 after a stint in the Rajasthan royal family, and whenever things went wrong, Ryan was trolled on social media. He will think about it a lot at first. Not anymore.

“Many of us are obsessed with the hype and the media attention that comes with it. It affects your actual beliefs…”

“I am very active on social media and love to voice my opinion on topics I like, but I don’t really listen to what others have to say. But that’s my opinion and I’m not waiting for other people’s opinions.It helped me a lot.I share what I want to share, what I want to say and that’s it.Then I’m next I’m going to move on to…” he says.

pick up from rough

Riyan recalls his days in Dubai, walking on the beach at night and gazing at the stars. With much of the world still under COVID-related lockdown, Riyan found himself in the 2020 IPL edition of the Rajasthan Royals biobubble.

It seemed difficult for young people. Far away from his family and friends, he didn’t get off to a memorable tournament start. Ran dried up and he lost his confidence, searching for a vaccine, albeit a willow, much like the COVID-stricken world. “I was nowhere. I went to the beach and stared at the stars and the moon until about 4am. After a few games I fell,” he recalls of those difficult days.

“But I came back and played a game-winning shot against SRH. I try to remember all these memories because your experience means so much more than anyone else.” . If someone tells me something then that’s an example for sure, but when you have lived it and have been able to pull through, that’s when you have learned the most,” he says.

And that’s why, even though he draws inspiration from Cristiano Ronaldo, the late Kobe Bryant and Virat Kohli, Riyan believes life has been his teacher. “I firmly believe that even though I am 21, I have been through situations where I needed to perform when all the chips were down, and my back was against the wall. I needed to bounce back and I pulled through. You are your best motivator, inspiration, your best example in terms of how to get up when the chips are down…” he says. The Rajasthan Royals have supported him in every way, but for the 2023 edition of the IPL, Riyan wants to do something ‘special’ to live up to the franchise’s faith in him. “The Rajasthan Royals are my biggest motivation. I’ve been working hard there and I’m not playing as well as they’d like, but they tagged me for his four seasons. This is a very big deal for me.”

“There are no words to describe all that I went through at the IPL. They helped me, and next season I want to do something special to reward their trust,” says a smiling Liyan. The Royals have always supported him, but Riyan’s parents and a close group of friends (none of whom are cricketers) helped him through hard times.

“My parents are in charge of the sports part. My father gives me a lot of advice on what to do and my mother who is an international swimmer knows how to handle the hype and all that. But in the end you have to figure things out,” says Riyan. “You may have the best friends, but you still have to figure out what to do. I know the IPL did not really go well for me, even though we qualified, I got a lot of backlash and criticism for the way I played. But then, I don’t expect people to understand the nitty-gritty of the game.”

“Rajasthan Royals understand my role within the team and how difficult that role is. No one knows what I’m doing or why my team supports me, I don’t expect people to understand that but accepting that fact has helped me a lot “I know what the team expects of me and what my skills are. If I can focus on that, I don’t care what other people say.” However……”

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