IPL prediction 2023: Rohit Sharma: We have not decided to abandon the T20 format. Appears after IPL 2023.

Indian skipper Rohit Sharma said workload management is important but he is not determined to give up T20 cricket.

Ahead of India’s three-game ODI streak against Sri Lanka, Rohit said several players, including himself, needed a break.

“It’s been clear in the past that it’s been a year of 50+ World Cups for us, and some people can’t play all formats. Looking at the schedule, it was two games in a row. So I decided to look at the workload of some players. We wanted to make sure they were getting enough breaks and managing it.I definitely belong in that category.

“The T20I has only six of him and three missing, so we could take them to the Indian Premier League (IPL), but I have decided to abandon this format. It was not.

Rohit regretted the late comeback of pacesetter Jaspirit Bumrah. “It was a very unfortunate turn of events for him. started feeling a slight stiffness in his back, it’s not important, we have to be very careful with him. He was seriously injured before the World Cup,” Rohit said.

“Form is important, but so is format,” said the Indian captain when choosing his players.

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