Ipl prediction dream 11 : India defeats Pakistan by a DRAMATIC 4-wicket margin, thanks to the magical Virat Kohli.

India defeated Pakistan by four wickets in a thrilling T20 match thanks in large part to Virat Kohli’s brilliant performance. Even with three wickets taken by Arshdeep Singh and Hardik Pandya, Pakistan still managed to score 159/8. India’s reaction was difficult as well. But with 16 runs off in a thrilling last over, Hardik Pandya (40 off 37) and Virat Kohli (82 off 53) helped India win the match.

Cricket player Virat Kohli has experienced some remarkable athletic events during the course of his 14-year career. The Sunday T20 World Cup encounter between India and Pakistan at the MCG, however, was unbeatable. By pulling off a robbery to chase down 160 against Pakistan, Kohli slowed down from his earlier days. An older Kohli would have been thrilled. But on Sunday, he was overcome with passion after the victory and was unable to control his emotions as 100,000 people cheered his name. The 53-ball 82, he said, was his greatest outing.

Perhaps the longest over Kohli has ever played was Mohammad Nawaz’s 10-minute last over. It was dramatic and emotional, full of ups and downs, and deserving of a book and, of course, a movie. The winning runs were not scored by Kohli; rather, Ashwin did so to overcome the 160-run obstacle. The former India captain had almost lived a lifetime in the last over.

19.1: WICKET! Hardik Pandya tries to slog Mohammed Nawaz over deep midwicket, gets a top edge and finds Babar Azam at cover. India now need 16 off 5 balls

19.2: FULL TOSS and Dinesh Karthik slices it to long on for a single. Virat Kohli demands a no-ball for height but the umpires decide otherwise. 15 needed off 4.

19.3: Full from Nawaz and Kohli gets the toe end of the bat. But he sneaks in a two. Excellent backing up from Dinesh Karthik. India need 13 off 3.

19.4: SIX! AND NO BALL! A high full toss from Nawaz and Kohli swings with all his might to clear the deep square leg fence for a MAXIMUM!! 6 required off 3.

19.4: WIDE! Pressure on Nawaz as he fires one down the leg side. The free hit continues, India now need 5 off 3.

19.4: Drama! Virat Kohli is clean bowled off a FREE HIT but the ball ricochets off the stumps towards third man. They run three! India need 2 off two balls. Babar Azam is not happy.

19.5: WICKET! Dinesh Karthik is out! Karthik goes for the slog sweep, misses it completely as Rizwan is quick to dislodge the bails behind the stumps. India need 2 from the final ball with Virat Kohli on the other end.

19.6: WIDE! Relief for India and the fans roar in delight! Nawaz fires it down the legside and the scores are level at last.

19.6: In the air and safe! Ashwin lofts this over cover and the celebrations begin! India have sealed an improbable chase to beat Pakistan by 4 wickets.

However, Kohli’s 53-ball 82-run performance will go down in history as his best-ever effort in the shortest format, surpassing even his six hundreds in T20. In the last two years, his devoted followers have stuck with him at his worst moments. He acknowledged it and thanked them in a lovely post-game interview.

“The setting is bizarre. I’m speechless and unsure of how it occurred. I’m at a complete loss for words. I just feel as if it was meant to be as I stand here. Mohali was my finest T20I innings up till this point. I’ll give this one a better score today. Hardik continued to push me. The audience has been amazing. I appreciate your continued support, you guys,” Virat Kohli said in a post-game speech.


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