Ipl prediction today match : As a result of BCCI’s refusal to visit for the Asia Cup 2023, Pakistan THREATENS to LEAVE the Asian Cricket Council and considers boycotting the World Cup in 2023.

To exert pressure on the BCCI, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has threatened to resign from the Asian Cricket Council. To top it all off, PCB is thinking of boycotting the India 2023 Cricket World Cup. The cause? For the 2023 Asia Cup, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has declined to visit Pakistan. In order to put the matter to rest, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah said on Tuesday that he will ask ACC to hold the event in a neutral location.

According to Geo News, PCB authorities met right after following Jay Shah’s remark. They are presently debating “various possibilities” in light of India’s decision to forego a trip to Pakistan. It should be mentioned that Pakistan and India only play each other in international cricket competitions. Since 2012, there have been no bilateral series.

Under the condition of anonymity, a senior PCB source told PTI, “The PCB is now prepared to take harsh choices and play hard ball since it is also aware that the ICC and ACC tournaments would have to suffer commercial liabilities and losses if Pakistan does not play India in these multi-team games.”

A spokeswoman said, “We currently have nothing to say, but sure, we will look into things and bring up this problem at the relevant venues, such the ICC board meeting in Melbourne next month.” However, it has been discovered that PCB Chairman Raja and other top officials were very angered by Jay Shah’s pronouncement that India will not visit Pakistan in the next year and had made the difficult choice to act immediately.

One source stated, “There is still about a year until the Asia Cup is staged in Pakistan in September 2023, thus the PCB executives are astonished at the timing of Jay Shah’s comments.

Since the executive board, not the president, of the ACC granted the hosting rights, the PCB is unsure in what position Jay Shah made the comment that the ACC would consider moving the Asia Cup from Pakistan to the UAE.

The PCB thinks the ACC was established to promote and grow cricket in the area and foster unity among the member countries, thus leaving the organization is one possibility that is being considered. However, if the ACC President makes remarks similar to this, Pakistan’s continued membership in the organization is useless, he said.

Why is it unlikely for BCCI to get government approval for Pakistan’s visit before the 2023 Asia Cup?

India’s administration has rejected any bilateral ties with Pakistan, blaming the country for sponsoring terrorism.

India only publicly interacts with Pakistan in international forums. Since Narendra Modi’s 2015 trip to Pakistan, there have been no official ties.

The relationship has only become worse after the incidents in Pathankot and Pulwama and the ensuing surgical strike.

The GoI is prepared to reject the BCCI’s proposal to visit Pakistan for the 50-over Asia Cup in 2023 as a consequence.

But there can be negative effects.

The ICC World Cup will be held in India in 2023, and the Pakistani government may forbid its citizens from attending.

The ICC Champions Trophy will also be held in Pakistan in 2025.

A pathway for bilateral cricket may open up if the GoI approves a trip to Pakistan for an ACC competition.

There is still time, and if the Indian government changes its position and ties become better, it may be conceivable in the future.

Since the 2008 Asia Cup, India has not visited Pakistan for a sporting event. The diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan worsened after the Mumbai bombings in November 2008. The diplomatic animosity between the two countries has only become worse since then. The BJP government’s stance has been loud and clear: No diplomatic relations unless Pakistan stops sponsoring terrorism.

India has remained firm despite Pakistan’s government disputing its assertions at the UN and other fora. Jay Shah, the BCCI Secretary, will be in a difficult situation since he is both the president of the Asian Cricket Council and the son of Home Minister Amit Shah. As the ACC chairman, he would be subject to pressure from both Pakistan and India.

Pakistan’s visit to India for a limited-overs series was the last time the two countries went on a tour together, in 2012. Pakistan, however, has traveled to India for the 2016 World Cup. The last time was then. The two sides have only met since then at neutral grounds.

Traveling to Pakistan at this time is not an option. If it’s an ICC event, the government will only grant us permission. Traveling to Pakistan for the Asia Cup is thus unlikely to happen. We are already debating whether moving the Asia Cup to a different location is feasible, and we will ask the ACC to do so.

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