IPL prediction: WIPL media rights conditionally on January 16

The Women’s Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights auction has been postponed by four days to take place on 16 January, but the Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI) has taken several precautions. to set the date. Her WIPL, which is scheduled to start in the first week of March, will not be held this year and will be re-bid next year.

“If for any reason he does not form five teams to play in the league for the 2023 season, or if the league does not form for his 2023 season, all media rights contracts will terminate,” she told BCCI. is included in the invitation to bid. (ITT) document.

A senior Indian Premier League (IPL) official tried to downplay the clause, which said these were legal requirements in the document, and that there was not much to see and the league would start this year. But the ITT has another provision that might raise eyebrows. “Once the 5 teams have been selected, it is important to note that the participation of teams in the league is subject to various conditions and BCCI makes no representations or warranties regarding the participation of all 5 teams.”

The rights auction was originally scheduled to take place on January 12th, but in a recent clarification, BCCI informed broadcasters that he will take place on January 16th. The auction will be a closed he procedure in which the highest bidder is awarded the right, if not necessarily the highest bidder.

Media rights valuation is the biggest point of contention in the industry, and there are different versions of his final five-year figure. The value of the rights is said to skyrocket from the second and third years.In this regard, the ITT says the first year value should not be less than 16% of the total estimated value. Team auction scheduled at the end of the month

Meanwhile, according to BCCI/IPL officials, the sale of the team will be finalized by the end of January, giving him at least a month before WIPL begins to pick up his new franchise. BCCI recently announced the release of ITT for the right to own and operate a team at WIPL. His IPL franchises such as Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals are believed to be interested in owning the WIPL team. Some outside parties are also believed to be interested in owning his WIPL franchise.

Detailed terms of the bidding process, including eligibility requirements, procedures for submitting bids, rights and responsibilities of proposed teams, etc. BCCI is included in the ITT and confirmed to Cricbuzz that there is no base price to purchase the team.

“Stakeholders wishing to bid must purchase the ITT. However, only those who meet the eligibility criteria set forth in the ITT and meet the other conditions set forth therein are eligible to bid. BCCI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or amend the bidding process at any time,” BCCI said. I’m here.

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