MS Dhoni as Super-Hero: The Epic graphic book, featuring MS Dhoni as “Atharva The Origin,” was released.

The renowned graphic book “Atharva: The Origin,” which features legendary cricketer MS Dhoni as the main character, has been licenced by Pratilipi Comics, a leading digital comic storytelling platform.

Pratilipi Comics has updated the graphic book by Ramesh Thamilmani with “new character designs, artwork, and innovative components, revolutionising the Indian online comic arena.”

“It is wonderful to witness all the effort in ‘Atharva: The Origin’ come to life. In its comic adaption, Pratilipi Comics successfully captures the heart of our narrative. Readers may expect a very wonderful journey, according to Dhoni.

The novel follows the exploits of the title character, a seasoned warrior who sets off on a lengthy trip where he meets weird animals and finds lovely locations – a genuine delight for the spirit and the senses. It is set in a “very young Earth” and in a long-forgotten era.

“Indian high fantasy is still in its infancy, yet there is still a market for it. But “Atharva: The Origin” would revolutionise the fantasy genre in India with a celebrity like MS Dhoni playing the lead role and a fantastic plot. Sachin Patil, director of product and business at Pratilipi Comics, commented on the acquisition: “This, of course, is consistent with Pratilipi Comics’s mission to introduce a new era of digital comics to India.

Pratilipi Comics, established in 2020, has a library of more than a thousand titles from a variety of well-known publishers, including Amar Chitra Katha, Campfire, Diamond Comics, and others. These titles cover a wide range of genres, including romance, drama, thriller, horror, action, adventure, mythology, and horror.

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