Perfect cricbuzz prediction today: “Don’t look at this uniqueness”: Former PAK skipper Sachin’s analogy in nonsense verdict on whether Umran can break Akhtar’s record

The former Pakistan captain made a rather blunt remark comparing Umran to Akhtar while using the analogy of Sachin and Tendulkar.

When Umran Malik hit the scene at his IPL 2021, all World Cricket could talk about was his speed. A season later, when he was hitting 157km/h in a game against the Delhi Capitals, not only were veterans and greats asking him to join the young India team, but he was also drawn to comparisons with Shoaib Akhtar. became. And with each of his astonishing performances, now with the Indian team, the debate is growing.However, former Pakistani captain Salman Bhatt said Sachin and Tendur when comparing Umran to Akhtar. I used Carl’s analogy to make a rather blunt remark. Umran was consistently well over 150 km/h. The latest of these was his T20I in his series against Sri Lanka, where he flew his stumps at a thunderous 155km/h and sacked his captain Dasun his Shanaka.

When asked on his YouTube channel where Umran and Pakistani speedster Haris Rauf Akhtar could break Akhtar’s record, Salman said that the two of them are legendary. He said it was nowhere near the capabilities of a pacemaker. A former Pakistani batsman, Akhtar has played in all three of his formats and consistently tops well over 155 km/h, so this ‘uniqueness’ of his two youngsters has so far proved his worth. I explained that I never showed

“So far, both are far from Shoaib’s record. But even here records are broken. So who knows. Shoaib, however, played all three of his formats and was bowling for a long time. He wasn’t fast, he was a smart bowler. He knows how to deflect the bat even in test he cricket. Also, he was 39 when he played his last match in India. He managed his 159. I don’t see the uniqueness he had in Umran or Haris. But since they are both young, anything is possible. But I just want to remember who we’re comparing ourselves to. It’s like saying he can break Sachin’s record if a hitter hits a ton of hat tricks. It’s the 100th century. People don’t even play that many games in their career. Perhaps they can throw a delivery or two at that speed, but time will tell if they’ll be that big of a bowler.

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