Rajat Patidar Bio

Rajat Patidar, a former cricketer from India, is a fantastic player. RM Patidar is another name for him. In terms of Rajat Patidar’s position in cricket, he is a former country batsman with a right-handed batting style. Rajat Patidar was born on the 1st of June in the year 1993.

When it comes to Rajat Patidar, His achievements in cricket history were inspiring when he was able to defeat the opposing side. In the most recent league match, he scored a wonderful goal to help India beat the opposition side. Rajat Patidar showed his support and led his team to victory, scoring the most runs and finishing the tournament on a high note. His batting style deteriorated over the next two years, which had an effect on his captaincy.

Strike Rate in T20

Twenty-20 cricket is a simplified version of the game. In 2003, the England and Wales Cricket Board adopted it at the professional level for the inter-county competition. Now it’s time to look at Rajat Patidar’s T20 career as a whole. Rajat Patidar played in 17 T20 matches, scoring 478 runs and averaging 31.86 runs per innings. The 50s he scored in T20 were a perfect moment for the team.

First Class

First-class cricket is a type of cricket in which top-tier teams participate. Test cricket is first-class at the international level; the word “first-class” is usually reserved for domestic matches. The following is a full list of Rajat Patidar’s First Class appearances. 36 plays, 63 innings, 3 not outs, 2253 runs, HS 196, BF 4604, SR 48.93, 100s 6, 50s 11

Rajat Patidar as a Bowler

Rajat Patidar is a fine bowler as well as a batsman. His bowling has a peculiar strategy for cutting off the opposition team. In terms of his bowling career, he has appeared in several Tests, ODIs, T20Is, and T20s. Here’s what you need to know about Rajat Patidar bowling. In Test matches, his bowling was a key figure. , a total of 17 T20 matches

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