Live cricket toss prediction: Ranji Trophy 2023 : Quarterfinals Day 1: Jharkhand down 1 against Bengal. Karnataka scores bowling against Uttarakhand

Ranji Trophy 2022/23:Find out about the quarter-finals Bengal vs Jharkhand, Saurashtra vs Punjab, Karnataka vs Uttarqand, Madhya Pradesh vs Andorra. Jharkhand VS BengalJharkhand 10/0 in 5 overs. Openers Kumar Deobrat and Aryaman Sen start the morning on high alert as Bengal’s Pace trio have a new ball in their hands.throwBengal won a draw and picked the field at Eden Garden … Read more

Online cricket match prediction: Rahane: Playing as a unit is without a doubt essential

It has been seven years and six seasons since Mumbai won their last Runge Trophy title. Although they finished second last season, expectations were high this time with Ajinkya Rahane leading the team. But it also turned out to be a disappointing season as the 41-time champion’s team failed to reach the quarterfinals.Despite some brilliant individual performances, the team stepped … Read more

Prediction of cricket match yesterday: Ranji Trophy, Delhi vs Mumbai: Hrithik Shokeen is his second day desert oasis

There was a sense of déjà vu here at Arun Jaitley Stadium on the second morning of the Ranji Trophy competition between Delhi and Mumbai. Despite several spectators witnessing his bowling with great swings, fast bowlers emerged and top batters struggled. However, Hrithik Shokeen was a nuisance for the Mumbai side and an interesting late-session play saw him short 45 … Read more

Cricketzine prediction: Ranji Trophy: Prithvi Shaw’s premature end to a promising innings is a pivotal moment in the round trip between Delhi and Mumbai

The most distinguishing feature of Prithvi Shaw’s punch is the indifference that oozes from its folds. Calm and poised, his movements are minimal and precise, and his stubborn look somewhat masks his state of mind. Continuing the match at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, he pushed the boundaries in the first hour of the day’s match against Delhi, especially with coverage … Read more