Telegram IPL 2023 Fixing Report : Sunil Gavaskar praises MS Dhoni for his leadership

On March 31, Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans will meet in the opening game of the Indian Premier League. Fans are anxious to see the CSK captain play in the upcoming IPL season because it is said that it will be his final. Sunil Gavaskar, a former Indian player, praised Dhoni in advance of the competition. It was under Dhoni’s leadership that Chennai won the championship four times.

Gavaskar recounted some of Dhoni’s memorable IPL moments.

“Because the squad hadn’t played together in two years and had gone on to other teams, I believe it was absolutely wonderful when CSK came back and took home the IPL championship. It demonstrates leadership, “added Gavaskar.

The Justice Lodha Committee issued a two-year suspension for CSK and Rajasthan Royals in July 2015 as a result of their owners’ participation in the IPL 2013 match-fixing incident. As a result of the ban issued in 2016 and 2017, the CSK squad missed two seasons of the IPL. But as soon as he came back in 2018, the squad began to excel under Dhoni’s leadership, and since then, CSK has won the IPL championship twice.

Gavaskar continued, “It explains how the man was able to put the squad back together after that break. Although there might be a team spirit in the first and second years, it is wonderful when everyone comes together after the interval.

“Because the teams required 20 runs in the last over, I believe that year and some of his smashes were particularly noteworthy. I recall one game where he simply hammered the ball everywhere from outside the off stump, smashing it over far on for sixes!

We were accustomed to seeing it from Dhoni, but even those small gestures, such as making a fielder or other player seem 7 feet tall, set him apart from the competition.

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