The Indian Army applauds CSK captain MS Dhoni’s admiration for the armed forces, saying, “MS Dhoni and the armed forces are hand in glove.” : ipl prediction

Colonel Vembu Shankar heaped appreciation on Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni, who has the honorary title of Lieutenant Colonel, as India commemorates its 75th Independence Day. According to army officers, Dhoni holds the country and the Indian army in high regard.

Colonel Vembu Shankar reflecting about an incident with MS Dhoni was included in a video broadcast on Chennai Super Kings’ official website. Colonel Vembu Shankar began the film by describing MS Dhoni and the Indian army as linked. “MS Dhoni and the armed forces, they go hand in hand. The Padma Bhushan investiture ceremony is one of the incidents that I recall.”

Colonel Vembu Shankar claims, ‘MS Dhoni marches better than me.’

Even after serving 20 years in the armed forces, army personnel admitted that MS Dhoni’s marching skills are among the best, even better than their own. “On the day of the investiture, he sent me a few of messages asking if his outfit was correct and if he had any problems about his appearance. And when I informed him it was of the best quality, he was even more startled by his own high-quality marching standards. In fact, I’d say it was a lot better than me, who had around 20 years of military training.”

Dhoni, according to the army veteran, has a great deal of respect for the military forces, which he has shown on numerous occasions. “To honour the military troops, the current CSK jersey features a camouflage patch. And the armed services hold MS Dhoni in high regard,” Colonel Vembu Shankar remarked.

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