Today win predictions : No second round; the winner will be announced tomorrow.

Even though the official broadcaster and bid price won’t be disclosed until tomorrow, there is a winner for the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) media rights.

What may be revealed, though, is that the anticipated second round of bidding [E-Auction] won’t take place, thereby indicating that the ICC found a winner in the first round itself. It was a closed round, and financial bids had to be submitted in sealed envelopes. It took place on a Friday night.

As reported by this website earlier in the day, Amazon withdrew from the competition, leaving Disney Star, Sony Sports, Viacom 18, and Zee as the remaining parties. Therefore, one of the four Indian broadcasters is the winner. Only four of the seven parties who submitted an ITT actually showed up for the bidding.

The ICC has made it plain that it will not announce the winner before getting approval from its board. The world organisation will disclose the name following a meeting of the all-knowing board on Saturday (August 27) evening (5:30 PM Dubai time). On Saturday at 7 p.m. IST, the official announcement will be made.

The value of the rights has not been disclosed to the participants, even though they have been advised that there won’t be an online auction. The valuation has not yet been disclosed to those in the bidding hall. It indicates that no one came close to the winning price, at least not within the 10% range, ruling out the possibility of a second round of bidding. However, it is possible to learn from sources that the winning bid was a four-year bid.

Several Indian media titans have been camped out in Dubai over the past few days, some even longer than the technical evaluation bids’ submission date of August 22. K Madhavan, the CEO of Disney Star, Puneet Goenka, his counterpart at Zee, and NP Singh, the head of Sony’s business for more than 15 years, were among them. Former BCCI CEO Rahul Johri had travelled there on behalf of Zee. No information is available regarding the Viacom representatives.

Although it was commonly assumed that Amazon would choose to form a consortium or enter into a pre-bid agreement with a broadcaster, it has been discovered that the media companies are being extremely cautious about doing so. Because it is unclear how the broadcast landscape will change in the near future, they appear to believe that both television and digital are equally vital. There’s a possibility that digital may take over or that television, whose appeal is currently waning, will see a revival. The inclination of the broadcasters has been for both, or more specifically for a composite offer that combines TV and digital.

Even though there were only four bidders, the financing bidding procedure itself was sluggish on Friday night after it began at 3:30 PM Dubai time.

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