Tomorrow cricket match prediction: All under one name: Abhimanyu Easwaran played first-class matches at the stadium named after him

Abhimanyu Iaswaran will play a first-class match at the Abhimanyu Cricket Academy Stadium, built by his father, when Bengal take on hosts Uttarakhand on 3 January in the Ranji Trophy Group B match.

How far can you satisfy your passion for cricket?Easwaran, who bought a large plot of land in Dehradun in 2005, has spent an astronomical amount out of his own pocket to build his stadium for world-class cricket. Did.

On 3 January Ranji knocked on the door of the national team when Bengal faced hosts Uttarakhand in his Trophy Group B match. When Iswaran can’t be accused of being a bit nostalgic. Academy Stadium” will be contested.

“It is a proud moment for me to play a match of lunge on the pitch where I learned all about cricket as a boy. This is a result of his (father) love and hardwork and it is always a great feeling to come home but once you are on the field, the focus is on winning the game for Bengal,” 27-year-old Abhimanyu, who has 19 hundreds and was recently part of the Indian Test squad in Bangladesh, told PTI on the eve of the match.

While stadiums named after legendary cricketers post-retirement isn’t a new phenomenon, there aren’t too many examples where an active Indian uncapped first-class cricketer plays at a cricket stadium named after him.

Whether the Viv Richards ground in Antigua, Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba (Trinidad & Tobago) or Allan Border field in Brisbane, the grounds and stadiums were rechristened once the legends finished their illustrious careers.

In that regard, Abhimanyu playing at ‘Abhimanyu Stadium’ is indeed a special occasion for both father and son.

The picturesque ground, which also has floodlights, has been adopted by the BCCI for some years now with a lot of domestic matches (senior, junior, women and age-group) being held but never before has the owner of the stadium himself played a first-class game. “Yeah, I don’t think it’s a lot, but it’s not an achievement for me. Yes, it feels good, but the real achievement is if my son can do 100 tests in India. This is a stadium that I built not just for my son, but because of my passion for the game,” RP Easwaran told PTI ahead of the Ranji Trophy match.

“I started building it in 2006 and still spend money to improve it all the time. Nothing in return, but it’s all because of my love for the game.” A Chartered Accountant, Easwaran founded Abhimanyu Cricket Academy in 1988, before his son was born in 1995. “When I graduated from CA, I was selling newspapers and selling ice cream in Dehradun. I feel lucky to have been given it, but the passion to create a cricket facility has always been there.Now I am just relaxing after active practice,” said Easwaran Sr. felt a sense of accomplishment.

He’s the proud father of his A-list Indian captain, but what makes him happier is that his academy has joined the team in Ranji, Uttarakhand, a sailor who has taken eight wickets in the previous match. Deepak is to have produced his five players, including his Dhapola.

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