Top cricbuzz prediction: Consideration: Shaun Tait’s heated altercation with several Pakistani journalists at a heated press conference

Pakistan’s bowling coach Sean got into a heated argument with a journalist after the fourth day of the second Test with his team against South Africa.

Pakistan has been struggling in its ongoing home testing season, and press conferences have often been heated and jarring, one example being a meeting with bowling coach and former Australian pacemaker Sean Tate for the second Test in Karachi. It was his interaction with the media after his fourth day on .

New Zealand declared with a lead of 319 runs before Pakistan lost two wickets free towards the end of the fourth day. Tate came face-to-face with the press after that performance, and though he wasn’t entirely filled with terse answers, things quickly heated up. A journalist asked Tate how he could justify the performance of the Pakistani fast bowlers this season. No performance. How can you justify your overall performance this home season?” asked the journalist, to which Tate simply replied, “That’s your opinion.”

Another journalist later pointed out Tate himself. “This is the opinion of the whole Pakistani people. They think that Pakistani fast bowlers did not bowl well. But are you satisfied with your performance as Pakistan’s bowling coach?” the journalist said.

“Answer questions before you ask them. It’s your opinion. They say the performance was poor. Okay, it’s your opinion, what do I mean?” Tate replied. It led to a bit of back-and-forth, and finally the former Australian pacesetter told journalists to ask questions rather than offer opinions. “Yes, I’m happy,” Tate replied, ending the press conference.

At a press conference, Tate said Pakistan will have to manage its fast bowlers amid injuries to Shaheen Afridi and Harris Rauch, which have significantly hampered their performances in the current home test season. I don’t think I can play everything consistently. That’s too much cricket. We are aware of it and it will be an important year for Pakistan. Management of the fast bowlers will be important,” he said.

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