The Hundred Women’s Competition 2022 is nearing its conclusion, and things appear to be getting rather tight as we move steadily but methodically closer to it. Every team, with the exception of Southern Brave Women, is still putting a lot of effort into getting into the top four.

In a bid to go a bit ahead in the race, Trent Rockets Women and Welsh Fire Women are all prepared to battle on each other in what could be the campaign defining match for both these sides. The two sides of the ladder aren’t truly all that far away, despite the seeming distance between them. The upcoming game will undoubtedly make things much more exciting. The game will take place at Nottingham’s Trent Bridge Cricket Ground on August 30, 2022.


Burton Rockets Winning this match will be crucial for the women because they haven’t had the finest campaign thus far. As far as moving on to the next round is concerned, they are still pretty much in the clear, but a loss tonight would put them in serious trouble.

With two victories from five games, they currently hold the fourth slot on the points standings. They have the highest net run rate among teams with four points, which is exactly why they are still in fourth place. They will have a solid chance of qualifying if they win this game, but if they lose, they will fall farther down the standings. They have a good side, and if they can use it to their advantage, it might be challenging to get past them.

Trent Rockets Women Playing 11

Abigail Freeborn, Alana King, Bryony Smith, Elyse Villani, Georgia Davis, Katherine Brunt, Kathryn Bryce, Marie Kelly, Mignon du Preez, Natalie Sciver, Sarah Glenn.


Welsh Fire Women managed to sneak into the competition with a win that just about kept them hanging just as they were on the verge of an early exit. They are once again in a similar situation, therefore winning this game will be crucial.

As of right now, London Spirit Women are in the bottom position on the points table, moving them out of that position. Welsh Fire Women are ranked seventh with two points and a net run-rate of -0.554 thanks to a somewhat superior net run-rate. They will specifically be striving for a win here to move them back among the teams positioned in the centre of the points table.

Welsh Fire Women Playing 11

Hannah Baker, Lauren Filer, Sarah Bryce, Alex Hartley, Annabel Sutherland, Claire Nicholas, Fran Wilson, Katie George, Nicola Carey, Rachael Haynes, Tammy Beaumont.


This game’s significance cannot be understated since a playoff position depends on the outcome. The victor of this match will undoubtedly find themselves in a better position than they are right now because both of these teams are still competing to secure a reserved slot. There isn’t much to choose between the two teams, given how they have recently played. On paper, Trent Rockets Women, however, appear to be a much stronger team, and as a result, we choose them as the favourites for this forthcoming encounter.

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