IPL 2022 PREDICTION : ‘When IPL is around the corner…’: Gavaskar makes a bold claim, claiming that when playing for country, players ‘do not strive as hard.’

According to batting legend Sunil Gavaskar, players may not strive as hard while playing international cricket as they normally would if the matches take place during the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction.

The super auction for the 2022 IPL was held a day after India’s ODI series against the West Indies ended. The amount of money on offer in the auctions, according to Gavaskar, would be life-changing for all players involved.

“For all the players, the auction is a life-changing event since it opens doors to a secure future for them and their families,” Gavaskar wrote in his Times of India column. “That can also lead to certain players not putting in as much effort when representing their country, especially as the IPL approaches.”

“This is to ensure that they do not get an injury that prevents them from participating in the IPL and so missing out on the financial security that an IPL contract provides.” As a result, diving and sliding, as well as forceful throws from the deep, are avoided for fear of causing harm that might result in a withdrawal from the IPL.”

Fans of the franchises, according to Gavaskar, would be searching for early signals of whether their teams made the correct decision in signing players for significant money. During the two-day mega auction, a total of 204 players were auctioned for a total of 550 crore. With a price tag of Rs. 15.25 crore, India wicketkeeper-batsman Ishan Kishan was the most expensive acquisition.
“For those who were unlucky, it’s a chance to show that not picking them was a mistake, and with more matches and teams in the IPL, there’s always the chance to be a replacement player,” Gavaskar added.
“Fans of each franchise will be looking for early indications of whether the money they spent was well spent.That, in and of itself, will put pressure on the players, and that might be a deciding factor in these matches,” added the former India captain.

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