Who will win IPL 2021 : 3 players that may help CSK win IPL 4

The Chennai Super Kings have begun the IPL 2021 season as dominant as they did in the years before to the 2020 edition. After winning five of their seven matches, CSK hopes to secure a playoff place with two more victories. And few would argue that CSK has covered all bases.

K Gowtham, who was acquired for INR 9.25 crore ahead of the IPL 2021, played the whole first leg on the bench, demonstrates that they have covered all areas. These are the three important players that can assist CSK win their fourth championship.

At this point in his career, nothing appears to be going against Ravindra Jadeja. Given his previous performances, he could definitely walk on fire without being harmed. Something has changed, and when this period ends (which we hope never happens), fans will reflect on how wonderful Jadeja was.

Let’s look at the statistics to see how excellent he is. Jadeja scored 131 runs in six innings in the IPL 2021. And he did it with a 161.72 strike rate. He took six wickets at 6.70 an over. So far he has been ‘that excellent’.

His hitting has changed in the past two years, but he is still a fantastic pitcher. In fact, his T20 bowling has improved. Given all of this, Jadeja might be CSK’s most important asset in their quest for a fourth championship.

From one great all-rounder to another. For his capacity to produce at critical moments in the squad, Sam Curran has been a standout player. Curran is one of those rare players who can turn a game around.

IPL 2021 first phase performance was outstanding. In seven games, he took nine wickets at 16. He bowled the tough overs and held the batters. He’s also been excellent at bat. Curran hasn’t had many chances yet due to CSK’s large hitting unit, but he’s been excellent everytime he’s batted.

Even though he has only scored 52 runs with the bat, his strike rate of 208 makes one question how good this little Surrey kid is. Plus, he’s previously spent a season with CSK and was one of their most successful players.

Moeen Ali is one of the cricketers who will succeed in the Indian Premier League. This makes everyone wonder why it took so long (just like Ali’s previous IPL franchise). He is a great hitter and can bowl in virtually every portion of a T20 innings.

His batting has a few features that make it seem better than others. There is elegance, but he also knows how to push the boundaries. With years of experience in various positions in county T20 tournaments, he has acquired expertise batting in the T20 middle order.

Let’s take a look at his first-leg statistics to see why he’s a good bet for the second. 206 runs at 34.33 average and 158 strike rate. He has 5 wickets at 6.16 and a strike rate of 14. On the UAE fields, Ali may be a match-winner for CSK in the second leg.

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