WHO WILL WIN TODAY IPL MATCH BY ASTROLOGER : Can’t Construct Bouncy Wicket And Place Match In Australia’s lap,’ says PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja of Rawalpindi pitch.

PCB chairman Ramiz Raja indicated that pitches in Pakistan would be upgraded when the season concludes in March and April.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman, Ramiz Raja, has replied to criticism about the surface that was prepared for the first Test between Pakistan and Australia in Rawalpindi.

The match was Australia’s first visit to Pakistan in 24 years, although it ended in a stalemate after both sides scored over 450 runs in their first innings.

Former players including as Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi, and Mohammad Hafeez have expressed their dissatisfaction with the surface. According to Raja, Pakistani pitches need a renovation, which will be finished in March and April.

“I absolutely see why we need a result after five days of cricket, and a tied Test is never a good advertising for Test cricket.” In a video broadcast by the PCB, Raja remarked, “However, I’d want to explain a few items.”

“The first suggestion I made was that we rebuild all of the pitches in Pakistan.” However, it was September when I took over, and the season was still going strong. You’ll see that we bought dirt from Australia and experimented with several kinds of soil during the off-season. “We’ll go back to Pakistan and replace 50-60 pitches as soon as our season concludes in March and April,” he said.

According to Ramiz Raja, bouncy pitches cannot be constructed to give Australia an advantage:

Raja asserted that they would be unable to build fast or bouncy pitches since doing so would offer Australia an advantage.

The former Pakistan captain also indicated that the team’s opening batting and bowling combinations had been disrupted before to the start of the Test, raising the possibility that they would be unable to compete if the surface did not produce conditions familiar to the home side’s batters.

“I understand the disappointment of the supporters, and a victory in this Test match would have been amazing.” However, bear in mind that this is a three-match series with plenty of cricket still to be played.

We can’t simply build a speedy, bouncy surface and then leave the weather to Australia. It is vital that we play to our strengths when we play at home.

The second Test will take place in Karachi on March 12 while the third and final Test will take place in Lahore on March 21.

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