Best cricbuzz prediction: “Gil was boiling. I was thinking of talking to Ravi Shastri…”: Former Indian coach’s surprising statement

The former Indian coach, who was part of a staff headed by several head coaches, explained how they were incorporating new players into their roles.

Indian cricket has seen many players debut in recent years due to the wealth of talent within his system. Familiarization of new players was therefore one of the many tasks that the Indian coaching team had to deal with during this period. After the T20 World Championships, he retired with the rest of the team led by Ravi Shastri.

Besides Shastri, Sridhar worked under Anil Kamble and Duncan Fletcher. Sridhar explains in his autobiography COACHING BEYOND:
Indian Cricket My Days with His Team’ shares his experience with recent debutants including Shubman Gir.

Sridhar said this generation of players saw themselves as “finished products” as outfielders when they joined the Indian team and were a little more reluctant to work hard than their predecessors. He said he defended KL Rahul with stupid points and short legs when the 2014 season opener broke through and he didn’t hold back. No. Some people are not willing to do the hard work,” he says in the book. He then took the example of Gill during England’s India tour in 2021. Gill has become a sensation after making his test debut in the 2020/21 Border Gavascar His Trophy. In the following series, however, Gill was unable to repeat the success of just half a century, but it wasn’t just his batting that gave India headaches.

“My relationship with Shubman boiled over in the final test against England in March 2021 in Ahmedabad. I took him to the city,” Sridhar writes in the book. “I told him, ‘You’re going to be seen as the next big thing. People look at you from a leadership standpoint. As a future leader, you should only bring inspiration. You have to be there, and if you do something, you have to do it intentionally, not just for the team. Do it for your satisfaction, not because the captain wants you there.What you do there should inspire the whole team. “

Gil’s position within the team is much stronger than it was in 2021. He has been named alongside Rohit Sharma as India’s favorite opener in the ODI, following a string of exceptional performances in recent years, including his historic double century in his first ODI with New Zealand. solidifying its position.

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