Best cricbuzz prediction: ICC rules on BBL’s controversial capture of Michael Nether

The ICC has issued a verdict on the controversial BBL arrest of Michael Neser, but opinions are divided on its legality.

Michael Nether was in the spotlight as the Brisbane Heat defeated the Sydney Sixers by 15 runs behind him in the Big Bash League (BBL) game in Brisbane on Sunday. Aside from Sydney’s three-wicket move in pursuit, he also completed a sensational but controversial catch to send Jordan Silk back into the dugout in 19 overs. Initially, Brisbane scored 224 for 5 in 20 overs thanks to Nathan McSweeney, who scored 84 runs from 51 deliveries. Josh Brown, on the other hand, has packed half a century. Ben Dwarshuis, Hayden Carr, Sean Abbott and Dan Christian each dismissed Sydney’s wicket.

Pursuing a target of 225 runs, Sydney were bowled out for 209 runs in 20 overs. At one point in the chase, it looked like the Silks would lock the inning and the Sixers might manage to get there. However, Nessel’s timely catch to win the match saw him made in 19 overs, and on 23 balls packed with three fours and two sixes he sent a silk after scoring 41 runs.

I got a complete delivery and out. Silk threw the ball to the left of the longout. Neser ran to it and jumped, reaching out with his hands to grab the catch, realizing it was over the rope. He then tried to throw it, but he ended up throwing it over the fence. He jumped again, grabbed it, put it back in play, flew out and caught it again. A catch was sent and replays showed he had been clean for some time, making it a big moment as Sydney were 199 for 8 in the Chase with 18.2 overs. The effort has been applauded by many, but some fans and experts have questioned the legality of the capture, sparking considerable controversy. The ICC passed its ruling, noting that “the fabric is correctly described”.
“A fielder not in contact with the ground is beyond the boundaries of house arrest if, after being played by a bowler, his last contact with the ground before his first contact with the ball was not entirely within the boundaries. is considered to be.” “

“Note that as long as the first touch of the ball is within the boundary line, the fielder may complete the catch as he pleases, as long as the ball is not on the ground with the ball over the boundary line. is important.

“Nesel’s initial contact with the ball, timing of the leap and final catch were all within the rules of the game and the batter was correctly called out,” the ICC added.

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