Best cricket match prediction: India goes bowling Both teams unchanged

Toss India decided to bowl against New Zealand

Rohit Sharma made a dramatic pause of over 10 seconds after winning the toss in his second ODI at Raipur and finally said he wanted to bowl. The India captain said he almost forgot about his team’s decision because “there was a lot of talk in the team group about what we wanted to do.”India bowling under the lights in his first ODI I challenged myself by choosing to. But this time, we changed our decision later due to the expected dew.

Both teams entered the game unchanged. New Zealand captain Tom Latham chose bowling, but wasn’t quite sure how the pitch would turn out in his international debut at the Shahid Via Narayan Singh International Stadium.

There is a large square perimeter on the ground, and Grant Elliott said in his field report that he expects the pace and bounce of the game.

India led the series 1–0 after a 12-run victory in the opening ODI after India scored 349 points.

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