Best cricket match prediction: Ranji Trophy 2022/23: Rohan Prem and Jalaj Saxena help Kerala survive against Goa

Kerala maintain a 126-run lead with four wickets in hand as they head into the final day of action in a fourth round match against Goa.

Kerala said Thursday’s lunge was a trophy cricket match against Goa, but here he came to an interesting conclusion at KCA St. Xaviers College Ground, after slipping badly in the last session, he had to dig deep to survive the competition. I had to.

After conceding an important 46-run lead to Kerala, he finished the penultimate day on 172 points to 6 for an overall lead of 126 runs. Kerala elders Rohanprem (68) and Jalaj Saxena (28) added his 44 runs for his seventh wicket to help Kerala regain their sanity after losing wickets in a rush after tea Did.

The robbery began with P. Rahul was knocked 16 times in the leg by Shubham Desai. Sachin Baby (4), Akshay Chandran (4) and his Sijomon Joseph (1) got cheaper as the hosts dropped from a healthy 112-for-2 to 124-for-6. The ball spun and bounced and both Mohit Redkar and Shubham Desai had the advantage.

A run came in after a dribble after tea, but Jaraj Saxena was positive, taking a calculated risk against the spinner to relieve the pressure. Jalaj’s aggression impacted his Rohan Prem in a partner who played with more confidence and the duo added an important run. In the post-lunch session, Kerala’s opener Rohan Kunnammar played his signature upswing, pushing the limit to 34 for mid-pace runners. However, he was caught short leg in front of Mohit by Suyash Prabhdesai. Rohan Prem and P. Rahul continued to attack bowling in the same vein as Kerala galloped for almost five runs and one over and went to the tee for 110 for two.

Early in the morning there was an early boost for Kerala as Jalaj took the lead over captain Darshan Misal with 43 and soon after sent Arjun Tendulkar back just as cheaply. Ishaan Gadekar played steadily and built up a century, but was soon sacked. However, Kerala threw out as the last pair of wickets of Mohit Redkar (37) and Shubham Desai (15 not out) added his 36 runs and gave Gore a manageable 46 run lead. Things have changed. Skipper Shijiomon’s field placement was defensive, with plenty of gaps available for hitters.


Kerala – 1st Innings: 265

Goa – 1st Innings: Amogh Desai c Akshay b Sijomon 29, Ishaan Gadekar c Rohan b Jalaj 105, Suyash Prabhudessai c Vaisakh b Sijomon 3, Snehal Kauthankar c Aksha b Vaisakh 7, Siddhesh Lad c Akshay b Sijomon 35, Darshan Misal lbw Jalaj 43, K.D. Eknath b Jalaj Saxena 6, Arjun Tendulkar lbw Jalaj 8, Mohit Redkar b Jalaj 37, Lakshay Garg lbw Vaisakh 5, Shubham Desai not out 15 Extras (nb 4, b 8, lb 8): 20 Total (in 110.3 overs): 311.

Fall of wickets: 1-62, 2-66, 3-87, 40149, 5-160, 6-216, 7-229, 8-264, 9-275.

Kerala bowling: Thampi 10-0-44-0, Vaisakh 27-6-67-2, Jalaj 40.3-8-103-5, Sijomon 21-2-51-3, Basil 8-1-22-0, Akshay 4-0-8-0.

Kerala-2nd innings: Rohan S. Kunnummal c Suyash b Mohit 34, Shoun Roger lbw Garg 11, Rohan Prem batting 68, P. Rahul b Shubham 16, Sachin Baby c Eknath b Mohit 4, Akshay Chandran b Mohit 4, Sijomon Joseph lbw Shubham 1, Jalaj Saxena batting 28 Extras (b 5, 1b 1): 6 Total (for six wkts. in 55 overs) 172

Fall of wickets: 1-25, 2-61, 3-112, 4-121, 5-125, 6-126.

Goa bowling: Garg 8-0-35-1, Tendulkar 3-0-10-0, Darshan 10-1-38-0, Mohit 19-4-56-3, Subham 14-1-26-2, Lad 1-0-1-0.

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