betway cricket match prediction: “I still don’t claim Kapil Dev as my product…”: Legendary coach criticizes ‘wrong training’

Gurcharan Singh said even the legendary Kapil Dev once attended a coaching camp in Mumbai, but insisted the 1983 World Cup-winning captain was his “product”. not

Legendary coach Gurucharan Singh, who was awarded Padma Shri for his outstanding contributions to Indian cricket, said coaches should never acknowledge the success of their wards. Gurucharan, or ‘Guchisar’ as it is popularly known in his cricket circuit, under the guidance of the Maharajah of Patiala of Yadavindra for numerous cricketers including Ajayjadeja, Murali Kartik, Kirtiazad and Maninder , embarked on a cricket journey. Sing Sing. During his tenure, he represented Patiala and East Punjab Trade Union, Patiala, Railways and South Punjab.

Before turning to coaching, he played about 37 top flight his games. Ultimately, with enough expertise and experience, he became one of the most successful coaches India has produced.

“In cricket coaching, the coach has to stick to the basics. Different coaches claim that athletes are their product when they just attend training and brief exercise sessions,” he said. an 87-year-old man told his PTI.

He said the legendary Kapil Dev also attended training camps in Mumbai, but he does not claim the 1983 World Cup-winning captaincy is his “product.”

“(The practice is) completely wrong. Even Kapil (the developer) attended my coaching camp in Bombay. I still don’t claim it’s my product. From Chandigarh and is a product of DP Azad. “Every coach has a different coaching technique. The length of the racket is the same, the width of the racket is the same, but the coach’s technique is different.

“Cricket in this country has changed a lot,” said Gurcharan, who has observed the development of cricket in the country over the years, with new formats emerging. “But change is for the better.” he added.

Sir Guchi is only the second cricket coach, after Desh Prem Azad, to win the prestigious Padma Shri Award.

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